Plugin Away 0.6

Get rid of those pesky plugins

  1. Wild1145

    PluginAway is a CraftBukkit Plugin which allows you to disable a plugin without having to stop your server. This can be used to find out if a particular plugin is a culprit in a mysterious bug on the server or if you merely want to disable the plugin temporarily.

    How It Works

    PluginAway works by disabling the plugin when requested, this stops the plugin from functioning, as such it will prevent the ability for the plugin to cause any errors in the console.

    How To Install

    Just Drag And Drop the plugin into your plugin folder, reload the server and it's done.


    This plugin a simple plugin. The plugin contains very few commands but with useful functionality. Therefore making it easy to use for the end user.

    **/pluginawayall** ~ Disables / Enables all plugins currently running on your server

    **/disable** ~ Disables the plugin you select. Eg. /disable Essentials ~ Will disable Essentials Plugins

    **/enable** ~ Enables the selected Plugin Eg. /enable Essentials ~ Will enable the Essentials Plugin

    Original Plugin

    This plugin is a updated plugin of xxCoderforLife's Original "DisableMe" plugin that has now been abandoned!


    We will aim to keep this as a 100% free plugin, all the time. However if you want to help us out, buy us an energy drink, a coffee or anything that will keep us awake through the long nights working on this and our other plugins, please donate here:

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