Plugin Blocker [Skript] V.1

Stop's People For Veiwing Plugins

  1. Juppi
    Stop People Form Viewing Your Plugin List!
    • Dont want people to see your plugin's? This is your need
    • Easy to Edit
    • Open Up The .Sk and Change Woundedwarriors to Your Server Name
    • You Will Need Skript.jar
    • No Commands


Recent Reviews

  1. Willcomputerguy
    Version: V.1
    Really not a good Skript. Downloaded it to see what it did, exactly, and you block "/help." Most servers' "/help" is from Essentials, and is useful to players; or what if the server has a customized help message? I don't think that should be there by default.

    Furthermore, it blocks only a few commands, not their aliases (I.e. /bukkit:? would still work). Plus, there's really nothing "great" about the plugin. For example, no disabling tab of "/" or "/ver" or anything.
  2. Chearful
    Version: V.1
    This is probably the simplest Skript I've ever seen... It doesn't stop players tabbing in the names on commands like /ver or /about etc and what if you used a customised help...