Plugin Hider 1.0

This plugin is recommended if you have plugins that you don't want people to know that you use.

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    Commands hidden:

    Plugin info:
    This plugin will be made to cover every command that server admins want to forbid any user to view. This plugin is very easy to make and anything that you want added within reason i will add to make this the best plugin for server security.

    Plugin version:
    This plugin is updated to the latest version of minecraft servers.

    Plugin compatibility:
    The PluginHide requires no plugins to be run. It can be used with zero plugins as tested.

    There are no permissions need for now. Soon to be added will be that only admins with a permission can view this command so they can see server plugins.

Recent Reviews

  1. viper00snake
    Version: 1.0
    As being a familiar server owner, I suggest adding more commands besides /pl and /plugins. There are so many other ways to view plugins besides /pl and /plugins, plus you also need to block using tab. Also, this plugin is pointless because you can 1. Make it yourself (pretty simple) or 2. (just add -bukkit.command.*) to your permissions plugin.
  2. Brannaboy17
    Version: 1.0
    Beautiful plugin, add a config so we can change the messages. It's your first plugin go on! :D .....
    1. Aborting
      Author's Response
      Thanks man working on it later on tonight!