PluginInfo 1.5 - Untested fix

A lightweight plugin info system

  1. Citymonstret
    • Enable and Disable Plugins easily in-game
    • Show information about a plugin, such as the author list and command information
    • Get a replaced /plugins list, with extended functionality (can toggle this off in the config)
    • Command-less (besides the main command), uses JSON Chat
    • ... feel free to suggest more features, these were the ones I could think of
    As said, I only added the features that I needed myself. If you have any suggestions, then don't hesitate to tell me!

    Command: /plinfo
    Alias: /pinf
    Permission: plinfo.use
    Description: Show the command list

    Command: /plinfo list
    Permission: plinfo.list
    Description: List all plugins

    Command: /plinfo info <plugin>
    Description: Show info about a plugin

    Command: /plinfo disable <plugin>
    Permission: plinfo.disable
    Description: Disable a plugin

    Command: /plinfo enable <plugin>
    Permission: plinfo.enable
    Description: Enable a plugin​

    Other tweaks:
    /plugins & /pl = /plinfo list

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    Source: GitHub

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  1. EliteWhopper
    Version: 1.5 - Untested fix
    Great job!