PluginLoader 1.0.0

Download & install plugins ingame

  1. inventivetalent
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    This plugin allows you to download & install resources ingame via Spiget.

    Spiget is not yet able to download every resource, as the feature was added quite recently. You will only be able to download resources updated in about the past 2 weeks.
    External resources are also only partially supported, take a look at the Spiget Meta documentation if you want to add support for your resources.

    • /pll search <Query> - Search for a resource
    • /pll install <Plugin Name | Plugin ID> - Download the specified plugin
    • /pll installurl <URL> - Download a plugin from an URL
    • /pll load <Name> - Load a downloaded plugin
    • /pll enable <Name> - Enable a plugin (Not recommended - restart the server if a plugin doesn't work properly!)
    • /pll disable <Name> - Disable a plugin

    • - Permission to use the search command
    • pluginloader.install - Permission to use the install command
    • pluginloader.install.url - Permission to use the installurl command
    • pluginloader.load - Permission to use the load command
    • pluginloader.enable - Permission to use the enable command
    • pluginloader.disable - Permission to use the disable command

    Code (YAML):

    #Whether to override existing plugin files
    : false
    #Maximum search results to show
    : 20
    #Allow external plugin downloads (not hosted on | WARNING: This will not work with all external websites and might be insecure to use!)
    : false


    Code (spiget-meta (Unknown Language)):

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