PluginStats 4.2

Download & MCStats overview for BukkitDEV & Spigot Resources

  1. inventivetalent
    PluginStats provides an overview of your resources on & including the download amount and the MCStats rank of every resource.
    It also shows the total amount of downloads and the resource with the best rank.
    The difference to the last check is shown aswell for each resource.


    It also generates a Graph for all resources, including their download amount and rank

    • Overview of all resources
      • Download amount & rank of every resource
      • Total amount of downloads and resource with best rank
      • Difference of downloads & rank to the last check
    • Graph for each resource
      • Shows the changes of download amount and ranks
    • Resources can be sorted
      • by name
      • by download amount
      • by rank
      • (can be changed in the settings, the top-right corner)
    • The author can always be changed, so you can check other author's stats aswell
      • (can also be changed in the settings)
    It uses the BukGet API to find the projects on and some HtmlUnit magic to find the projects on
    The actual download numbers and ranks are processed by connection to the project page of each resource and scanning the source code of the page.

    Known Issues

    • There are a few problems with requesting the download amount of SpigotMC resources, because CloudFlare blocks the connection sometimes.


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Recent Reviews

  1. HoloGraphix-
    Version: 3.4
    Great! Does what is has to do and it's fun to check your stats! :)