PlugManX 2.2.5

PlugMan is a simple, easy to use plugin that lets server admins manage plugins without restarting.

  1. realEntity303
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    What is PlugManX?
    PlugManX is a fork of the popular plugin "PlugMan".

    What is PlugMan?
    PlugMan is a simple, easy to use plugin that lets server admins manage plugins from either in-game or console without the need to restart the server.

    Why fork PlugMan?
    PlugMan itself is already very good, but it has some flaws.

    If you enable a new plugin on a 1.13+ server, you won't be able to tab-complete any new commands added by this plugin - This is fixed by this fork!

    If you use "/plugman lookup", it will only display an exception instead of anything helpful - This is fixed by this fork!

    • Enable, disable, restart, load, reload, and unload plugins from in-game or console.
    • List plugins alphabetically, with version if specified.
    • Get useful information on plugins such as commands, version, author(s), etc.
    • Easily manage plugins without having to constantly restart your server.
    • List commands a plugin has registered.
    • Find which plugin a command is registered to.
    • Tab completion for command names and plugin names.
    • Dump plugin list with versions to a file.
    • Check if a plugin is up-to-date with
    • Permissions Support - All commands default to OP.
    Command Description
    /plugman help Show help information.
    /plugman list [-v] List plugins in alphabetical order. Use "-v" to include versions.
    /plugman info [plugin] Displays information about a plugin.
    /plugman dump Dumps plugin list and versions to a file.
    /plugman usage [plugin] List commands that a plugin has registered.
    /plugman lookup [command] Find which plugin a command is registered to.
    /plugman enable [plugin|all] Enable a plugin.
    /plugman disable [plugin|all] Disable a plugin.
    /plugman restart [plugin|all] Restart (disable/enable) a plugin.
    /plugman load [plugin] Load a plugin.
    /plugman reload [plugin|all] Reload (unload/load) a plugin.
    /plugman unload [plugin] Unload a plugin.
    /plugman check [plugin|all] [-f] Check if a plugin is up-to-date.
    Permission Node | Default | Description
    plugman.admin | OP | Allow use of all PlugMan commands.

    plugman.update | OP | Allow user to see update messages. | OP | Allow use of the help command.

    plugman.list | OP | Allow use of the list command. | OP | Allow use of the info command.

    plugman.dump | OP | Allow use of the dump command.

    plugman.usage | OP | Allow use of the usage command.

    plugman.lookup | OP | Allow use of the lookup command.

    plugman.enable | OP | Allow use of the enable command.

    plugman.enable.all | OP | Allow use of the enable all command.

    plugman.disable | OP | Allow use of the disable command.

    plugman.disable.all | OP | Allow use of the disable all command.

    plugman.restart | OP | Allow use of the restart command.

    plugman.restart.all | OP | Allow use of the restart all command.

    plugman.load | OP | Allow use of the load command.

    plugman.reload | OP | Allow use of the reload command.

    plugman.reload.all | OP | Allow use of the reload all command.

    plugman.unload | OP | Allow use of the unload command.

    plugman.check | OP | Allow use of the check command.

    plugman.check.all | OP | Allow use of the check all comamnd.
    File URL


    PlugMan is open source and hosted on GitHub; feel free to fork, star, or contribute to PlugMan by making pull requests and opening issues.

    RAMShard has made a tutorial showing the basic usage of the plugin.

    User Content
    • Logo: HariboPenguin
    • Tutorials
      • English (RAMShard):

      • English (Samkio):
      • Spanish (cloud_strife_91spain):
      • Portuguese (AbsintoJ):
    • PlugMan requires (at least) Java 8 to run.
    • If you have an error, please use a paste service (such as instead of the comment box.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Khuirul_Huda
    Version: 2.2.5
    Awesome plugin!!!!,, Must have!!!!!, This plugin really helps me to manage the server!!! It's better if you make a GUI
  2. prototype464
    Version: 2.2.4
    This PlugMan fork is very hot and fixes some bugs that regular PlugMan has, with the added bonus that it's actually updated for 1.17

    By the way, to the people who post a one star review because a plugin doesn't work immediately, I hope PlugMan himself visits your home
  3. MeitneriumFur
    Version: 2.2.3
    A very good and useful plugin! .
  4. fighellboy
    Version: 2.2.3
    The best plugin for managing plugins directly from the server. I can't imagine not having this plugin on minecraft server =D
  5. X_PyramidGamer_X
    Version: 2.2.3
    I totally agree with _Chivitos100_

    you would better change the name:
    to PlugManX Remastered
    or just PlugManX

    and it also would be better if u made GUI
    like GUI has all plugins and I can enable/disable plugins from it.

    and you can also add feature to hide plugins from normal players.

    I wish you add those features to your plugin.

    I don't know if the following feature is available in the plugin
    but If not I hope you add it
    and this feature is to add auto-load...
    like when you add a new plugin to the server
    your plugin auto-detect the plugin and load it
    so u don't have to use the load command or reload the server

    Thank you!
    1. realEntity303
      Author's Response
      I'll rename the resource soon.

      Thanks to both of you.

      I'll also add the GUI.

      What do you mean with hiding a Plugin from normal players?

      I don't really like auto loading as it can break many things, but I might add it (But it will be disabled by default)
  6. _Chivitos100_
    Version: 2.2.3
    Vouch for this guy and this great plugin.

    Request to change the resource's name from:

    Plugman - Improved = boring and old name


    PlugManX Remastered
  7. Lautje
    Version: 2.2.2
    Awsome plugin, and it works like a charm. Has a lot of features and it helps a lot if you are developing a plugin, as you don't have to restart/reload the server.
  8. CloudeLecaw
    Version: 2.2.2
    Im glad that someone took an eye on this plugin and decided to maintain and add features. Great work.
  9. Conclure
    Version: 2.2.0
    Despite all the criticism many developers spread this plugin is truly awesome, and there's no cap about it.
    1. realEntity303
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for this review :)
  10. Notlolmaster
    Version: 2.2.0
    AMAZING PLUGIN! This has helped me so many times and it’s so great and easy. Keep up the good work! Active dev too
    1. realEntity303
      Author's Response
      Thank you!

      I hope you'll like the next update too.

      I'll improve the /plugman check command and fix a bug with tabcompletion