PlugProtect v1.1.1b

A successor to the popular old and now-abandoned Alerter protection plugin

  1. StashCat
    PlugProtect is a protection plugin aimed to be a successor to the old and popular Alerter plugin, which got abandoned by the developer a few years ago. It's pretty straight-forward, easy to use and useful.

    Direct all bug reports to our GitHub repo's issue tracker.

    If you want to ensure that I stay up longer updating this and/or are feeling generous, please donate! I appreciate any sum.
    Bitcoin address: 1JvwCPfUJwCiugVnEcrbcyVpkXz61dRoZt
    PayPal: [email protected]

    Looking for any possible contributors!

Recent Reviews

  1. Relicum
    Version: 1.0b [rename]
    Not a bad little plugin. :)