PluralKitMC 0.4.9

Minecraft interface for PluralKit

  1. /pk link bugfix & automatic system loading

    Fixed bug where when /pk link is ran on a user without a loaded system, an error is created. Now, /pk link will automatically load the attached system.
  2. DiscordSRV Support

    Support for DiscordSRV, if installed, has been added, making sure hover text messages are picked up on. Also an option has been added for DiscordSRV to use member names rather than the player's display name
  3. Autoproxy and non-hover text bug fixes

    This version fixes a couple bugs:
    Fixed bug where hover_text set to false results in all member names being %member%
    Fixed bug where /pk autoproxy latch would cause errors if a user sends a message without a previous proxied message
  4. Nameless System Bugfix

    This release fixes a bug where when a system does not have a name, the plugin will attempt to send one to the client anyway, causing crashes. Now, if a name is missing, it will default to the id.
  5. Soft-Dependence on Vault!

    This release adds soft-dependence on the Vault plugin rather than requiring it. In other words, PluralKitMC now works on it's own and can be used for simpler, vanilla-style setups. Note that for user prefixes and suffixes Vault is still required.
    If you want messages to display vanilla-style, use message_format: "&f<%member%&f> %message%" in your config.yml
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  6. Data loading bugfix & caching

    Previously there was a bug where when you joined your data wouldn't get loaded until you spoke once, this is fixed.
    Additionally, there is now a config option, "cache_data" for your system information and member list to be cached to disk so that you don't have to wait on the API to return your information.
  7. Hover text!

    This release adds hovertext to the username for pluralkit messages! It will show the player's display name and their system name by default. This can be disabled by turning hover_text to "off" in the config, as it may conflict with some plugins.