plus1plugin 2020-09-20

my "true" first plugin

  1. MineDrafter
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    My first plugin with a real function :)

    Type /nr <number> and the system will give you the next number.
    To examble: If i type /nr 1 the system will give me the number 2.

    Tippe /nr <zahl> ein und das system wird dir die nächst grössere zahl geben.
    Zum beispiel: Ich tippe /nr 1 und das system gibt mir als antwort 2.

Recent Reviews

  1. Amky
    Version: 2020-09-20
    This is by far the best plugin ever. No bugs whatsoever, does perfectly what it should do. Perfectly optimized.

    I did /nr 27 since I forgot what comes next and it gave me 28. After doing some research and solving string theory, I found out it was truly 28 that comes after 27.

    Thanks you very much for this plugin, truly Spigot's #1.