plusone [+1] | let players invite/whitelist their own friends! 1.0

a simple invite-only system run by the players.

  1. rref
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    plusone [+1] - a simple invite-only system run by the players.

    plusone is a whitelist management plugin intended for private servers.

    - players can invite their own friends.
    - created to remove the burden of whitelisting every player from admins.
    - perfect for friends-only servers.

    - players can invite other players on their own.
    - a customisiable limit on how many players can be invited per person.
    - limit can be changed for everyone and/or per player.
    - players can remove a player they accidentally invited (see commands).
    - uses the native minecraft whitelist (see commands).
    - all invitations per player are logged including uuid.

    (if you want to support me, consider donating!)

    commands can only be used by players. use whitelist commands if console.

    - /invite <player>: invite a player.
    - /remove <player>: removes an invited player.
    - /plusone: shows how many invites remaining and command info.

    /remove conditions:
    - cannot remove a player they did not invite (looks at data.yml).
    - cannot remove a player if they have joined already.

    plusone uses the native whitelist system. click for whitelist commands if you're unfamiliar.
    - use whitelist remove <player> to forcefully remove a player.
    - use whitelist add <player> to whitelist yourself/others. no one can /remove a player if they were added using whitelist commands.

    plugin installation/data.yml:
    enable whitelist before using this plugin.

    - default: the number of invites everyone has when joining for the first time. default value is 3.
    - can be changed but does not affect the invcount of players who are already listed.

    - players: list containing all players who have joined. a player is listed only if they have used /plusone or /invite.

    - (uuid): uuid of player. do not change.

    - ign: in-game name of that player associated with that uuid. do not change.

    - invcount: the number of invites that player has.
    - this is generated to the value in default when joining for the first time.
    - this value can be changed, affecting this player only.
    - invcount is increased when removing an already invited player.
    - invcount is decreased when inviting a player.

    - playersInvited: a list of all the players invited by that person.
    - includes their username and uuid in this format: <player> <uuid>.
    - do not change any values here as they are read by /remove.

    final notes:
    - this is my first plugin so please feel free to leave suggestions/errors.
    - i probably won't respond quickly due to university.
    - if this does get popular however or receive donations, i may be slightly more active.

    if you use this plugin, i would appreciate ratings and reviews!

    thanks for using this plugin!