PMC Solo Experience 1.0.0

SPONSORED | OPEN-SOURCE |Give newcomers a singleplayer experience

  1. lelesape
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    SoloExperience HEADER.png
    Execute a series of commands when a new player joins the server and spawn a bonus chest for them with torches included!

    • Execute an infinite amount of commands when a new player joins your server.
    • Ability to spawn a bonus chest (as in single player mode).
    • Ability to modify what the bonus chest contains.
    • Super efficient.
    • Super User-friendly.
    Commands: (soloExperience (se))
    -/se help - Shows a list of commands.
    -/se version - Shows the version of the plugin and checks for updates.
    -/se reload - Reloads the plugin and its files.
    -/se chest (player) - Manually spawns a bonus chest for the given player.

    - Allows you to check the plugin's current version.
    -soloExperience.reload - Allows you to reload the plugin.
    -soloExperience.chest - Allows you to spawn a bonus chest for any player using the /se chest (player) command.
    -soloExperience.* - Givess access to every permission available.
    Code (YAML):
    prefix: '&f[&cSoloExperience&f]'

    #The commands to run (console) when a new player joins.
    join commands
     - 'time set day %world%'
      - 'weather %world% sun'

    # When set to true, the plugin will send a message to the console letting you know
    # what command has been sent.
    log commands to console
    : false

    # Time in minecraft ticks (20 ticks = 1 second) to wait after the last command
    # before placing the bonus chest. Set to -1 to disable automatic bonus chest.
    chest spawn delay
    : 1

    # If this is enabled, the contents of the chest will be those of the vanilla spawn bonus chest.
    # If disabled, the chest will contain the items listed in "chest contents" below.
    vanilla contents
    : true

    # The contents for the chest placed when executing the "soloexperience chest (player)" command.
    # The items will be put in the chest in random spots.
    # ONLY USED IF "vanilla contents" is set to false.
    chest contents
     - APPLE,3
      - APPLE,1
      - OAK_PLANKS,5
      - OAK_PLANKS,10
      - STONE_AXE,1
      - OAK_LOG,1
      - SALMON,2
      - SALMON,1
      - STICK,1
      - BREAD,2
      - BREAD,4
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    By using this plugin you agree to the following terms:
    • You cannot sell this plugin
    • You cannot claim this plugin as yours
    • I can modify this terms at any time without any kind of notification
    If you find any bugs please let me know, also make sure to rate this plugin, thank you!