Pocket Portals 1.1-SNAPSHOT

Portals that are carried around in your pocket.

  1. Bimmr
    Pocket Portals
    Portals that you can craft and carry around with you.

    • Portal items are craftable
    • Permissions to activate/travel
    • Each portal can only be used once
    • Any/All entities can travel through portals
    • Portal items are configurable
    • Portals can be set to require enderpearls to activate

    Crafting Recipe:

    • PocketPortals.Activate
    • PocketPortals.Travel


    Code (YAML):

    # If you want the portal to require an enderpearl to open just enable this
    Require Pearl
    : false

    # These items use my item codes. These item codes can be found on the McInfected's github wiki
    # https://github.com/Bimmr/McInfected/wiki/McInfected---Wiki-Home#items
    Portal Item
       No Target
    : id:340 name:&4&l--[_&8&nPortal&4&l_]--lore:_|&2&lRight_Click_&ato_set_a_target
    : id:340 glow:true name:&4&l--[_&8&nPortal&4&l_]--lore:_|&6&lRight_Click_&eto_open_a_portal|_|&3&lTarget:_%target%
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  1. Sandwich
    Version: 1.1-SNAPSHOT
    Excellent plugin from excellent author.
    1. Bimmr
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D