Pogostick 2.1

Pogostick adds a new item, with the blaze rod texture, which acts as a pogostick.

  1. benjibobs
    This plugin was requested here!


    Pogostick adds a new item, with the blaze rod texture, which acts as a pogostick. If you don't know what a pogostick is, look here!

    When you right click with the pogostick, you get propelled roughly 5 blocks up into the air, however you must be on the ground in order to use the pogostick. This restriction is in place to stop you from flying with the pogostick!

    You can find the example configuration file here.


    • A custom designed pogostick item.
    • Seamless pogostick jump movement.
    • Permissions to disallow use of the pogostick
    • A configuration option to change whether or not fall damage applies when using the pogostick
    • A bounce option which automatically makes you bounce on landing, like a trampoline!
    • A configurable height multiplier option!


    You can obtain a pogostick either by using the recipe shown under the recipes section, or by using the command /pogo. /pogo is an op only command by default.

    Simply right click when you're holding the pogostick, and you will jump 5 blocks or so into the air. Depending on what you set up in the config, you may or may not take fall damage while holding the pogostick. Fall damage is disabled by default.

    If enabled, you will automatically bounce while holding the pogostick.




    * /pogo - Receive the pogostick item.

    * /ps reload - Reload the configuration file

    === Permissions: ===

    • pogo.user - Includes the basic permissions for the plugin.
    • pogo.use - Allow use of the pogo.
    • pogo.get - Allow access to /pogo.
    • pogo.admin - Access to all features of the plugin.
    • pogo.reload - Allows access to /ps reload
    • pogo.bounce - Allows bouncing when enabled in the config


    Pogostick is free to download and use, and always will be! But if you want to support me, or buy me a coffee, please donate to me below!


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Recent Reviews

  1. mrcameron999
    Version: 2.1
    Does not work
    1. benjibobs
      Author's Response
      Please provide me with an error log! It may be your spigot version, so please try and update to the latest version or 1.8
  2. Redraskal
    Version: 2.0
    Very interesting plugin! - Red
    1. benjibobs
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Any suggestions for future updates?