PointsAPI 2.0.0

The best live-statistic Points plugin with an API.

  1. PointsAPI2

  2. Bugfix update

    Found some bugs after they were told to me by @coco_gigpn. They're fixed!

    Note: Plugin developers will have to update their imports for a new namespace I am using.
  3. Version fix

    Forgot to update the plugin.yml...my bad xD
  4. MySQL Support

    This update has added MySQL support! Just enable it in the config.yml, modify your settings to match your database description, and restart/reload the server or perform /points reload! It should work automatically!

    Your data will NOT be transferred over

    This update also supports MCStats/Metrics! :)
  5. OfflinePlayer Update

    This update includes the ability to update a player balance that is not online through our command.

    This update also includes the Reset Points command, /points reset <username>