PointsCore 1.1.6

Incentivizing playtime on your server.

  1. marcangeloh
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    • 1.16
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    A plugin made for it's API:
    PointsCore was initially made because one of my older plugins (UpgradeableTools) had some pretty messy code. Thus, I came up with the concept of re-creating a point system. However this time, I included a very neat API for developers (if you need some assistance check out the GitHub wiki).

    The New and improved Economy:
    In the next version, PointsCore will link the general points of the player (a mixture of all of the tool points, armor points and weapon points) to the vault economy. Meaning you will be able to use points as an economy system.

    Therefore you will also be able to transfer points to another player and use points to purchase products depending on how you wish to configure it. Also if this is unliked or causing issues please be sure to let me know here. Or on the Github.

    All points can be accessed through PlaceholderAPI:

    PointsCore has automatic integration with PlaceholderAPI meaning if it's enabled, you'll see our placeholders!

    Here you can find a link to the placeholders.

    What Exactly Does It Do?
    Did you ever wish to reward your players based on how much they actively play on your server? Then this plugin is exactly what you are looking for. It gives players a configurable amount of points to go fishing (Fishing Points), break wood with an axe (Axe Points), break dirt with a shovel (Shovel Points), get hit by a mob/creeper (Armor Points), hoe some dirt or convert coarse dirt (Hoe Points), mine blocks with a pickaxe (Pickaxe Points), and Melee/Ranged hits (separated as Melee Weapon Points and Ranged Weapon Points).

    What's coming in the future?
    PointsCore is going to turn into an all-out economy api/plugin. This means that devs can build on either PointsCore or just integrate into vault for the main points. However if a dev is interested in accessing particular points it is highly encourage to access PointsCore directly.

    Plugins using PointsCore:
    (Coming Soon)

    if you're a dev who made a plugin that uses points core join the discord and let us know we will list it here!

    Are You a developper?
    If you're a developer looking to use a plugin like this, then make sure to join our discord to get help and help other developers that may need your help here.

    Are you someone that wants to contribute to this plugin?
    Then be sure to check out our GitHub, and let us know on Discord!

    If you're wondering what commands this plugin has, it only has one,
    /pointcheck (/pc) - Checks how many points someone has
    /points help - All the commands in PointsCore
    /points add <player> <type> <amount> - Adds the specified amount of points to the tool
    /points multiplier <player> <duration> <amount> - Gives the player a point multiplier
    /points remove <player> <type> <amount> - removes points from the player
    /points reload - reloads config
    It checks the amount of points that you have and spits it out for you in the chat.

    Permission Node:
    The "Points.admin" to execute all /points commands

    Want to support the project?
    This project was made for the community, however coding projects as such takes a lot of time and as such I appreciate everyone who leaves a 5-star review. Alternatively, if you don't feel like the project is worth 5-stars but you want to help out anyways, you can help others out in the discussions. Another way of helping out would be to help write the Github Wiki for this project which can be found here. If you would like to do so make sure to join our discord and notify me there!

    If you want to buy me a cup of coffee you can do so here.

    Or BTC to this address: 3EYowrjUHe4UpzFNqqrN6VAqDmVvttoZGA