PokeMaster 1.3

Easy way to poke a player online. Send pokes with custom messages and also hear sounds!

    PokeMaster 1.1 - Poke players with ease!


    This plugin allows players to poke others easily. There are only two commands in-game so it makes it very easy to understand. When someone is poked, the player will receive a poke message (and a custom message if provided) and will hear a loud noise (in-game sound).

    The config is pre-set within the coding, so no customizable options just yet. More customizability and particle effects/animations will be added in future updates.

    Images and Examples:

    Poke Sent:

    Poke without Custom Message:


    Poke with Custom Message:

    Toggling Poke (ON):

    Toggling Poke (OFF):

    Commands and Syntaxes:

    "<>" is a Required Argument.
    "[]" is an Optional Argument.

    • /poke <player-name> [message]
    This command is used to poke a player given in place of "<player-name>". An optional message can be included in place of "[message]".

    • /poketoggle
    This command is used to toggle the player's abiliy to receive pokes from other players.

    You can set up with the according permissions as given below.


    • /poke - pokemaster.poke
    • /poketoggle - pokemaster.toggle


    Installation is like any other basic plugin. Just download the .jar file, put it in the plugins folder of your server and reload/restart your server. Enjoy!


    Version 1.1 is the Stable Build at the moment. A few minor bug fixes have been made during the latest update.

    Expect a lot of updates in the near future.
    There are bound to be numerous updates after this. Here's what you can expect in the next updates (mostly in order):

    • More Config Customizability (Please Suggest Customizations you would like below!)
    • Cooldowns
    • Particle Effects
    • Sound Customizability
    • Player Heads Up Display and/or Scoreboard Animation
    • Multiple Poke Types (Sound, Particle, Message, Entity Appearance, etc.)
    • Bug Fixes
    You can comment below about anything else you would like to see in my plugin. Thanks! :)

    End Note:

    Please feel free to share your opinions on the plugin below! If you are having any problems with Installation and/or Setup, I'd love to help! Just post below. Thanks again! :)

    If you find any of my plugins useful and have enough money to chip in towards future development, I'd appreciate it! You can donate as much or as little as you please.


    Thanks in advance! :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. AlbertoLaraH
    Version: 1.3
    Very good plugin. Add spoke cooldown and title support
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Been a bit busy lately, but I'll add a cooldown in the upcoming update :D And by title support, you mean you would like to have it display player prefixes?
  2. iMC
    Version: Version 1.1
    I LOVE IT!