Police [Advanced Anti Cheat] 1.11

The best officer for hackers!

  1. haseebOMG
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    What's Police?
    Police is an advanced anti cheat that is updated frequently and tested daily. Police is made in Skript. There were no good skript anti cheats that actually worked and were good so the writers of Police decided to change that. Police is a custom made skript anti cheat written from the ground unlike all the other skript anti cheats that are skidded and are trash. The developers of Police have been using cheats and playing Minecraft for many years and have experience in cheaters and anticheats. Police is a solution to get rid of every single cheater blatant or closet cheater. With our advanced detections like no other there will be no cheaters on your server. You can configure almost anything you want to make it yours! Our support team is always here to fix bugs and add new things you want added. We have only just started so there are only basic checks but over the future we will be adding way way more checks.

    - Autoclicker
    - Reach
    - Anti Knockback
    - Water Walk
    - Sneak
    - Fast Bow
    - Inventory Walk
    - Speed
    - Fly
    - Fast Break
    - Fast Place
    - Killaura

    Required Addons:
    - SkQuery
    - Skellet

    Please do not post any bugs or problems you have with Police in the review section as they will be ignored. If you want to report a bug or problem or you want to submit a suggestion you can DM me on spigot and I will fix them as soon as I can!

Recent Updates

  1. Killaura fix
  2. Three new checks
  3. New update

Recent Reviews

  1. OMGPandaYT
    Version: 1.11
    "I am sorry that the anti cheat didn't work out well on your server but as I said do not leave bugs or issues in the reviews please." They weren't reporting a bug or issue nor saying it didn't work on their server. They said it's trash, because it is, all skript anticheats are bad, lmao

    Anyways yea this is bad.
  2. ExDiggers
    Version: 1.11
    First of all, the main reason I am giving a one-star when I would normally give a 3 or so is because you claim that you can detect every cheat. You clearly cannot, nearly every "check" will false flag, and they are easily bypassed. Your arrogance and ignorance annoy me.
  3. Parsafari
    Version: 1.11
    False flags ALL THE TIME. it simply doesnt work as intended. TEST before posting it here!
  4. WIndowsEight
    Version: 1.4
    Not a very good anticheat at all. Only thing here that is actually decent is the FastBow detection. Everything else is bad or useless. Anti-KB falses very easily, there is no Speed/Fly checks, which allows a player to use InfiniteAura/TPAura with no problem. Also user is very toxic he reviews other peoples projects and tells them to use his when it's not even good itself.

    Overall, wouldn't recommend using or interacting with this user.
    1. haseebOMG
      Author's Response
      I am sorry that the anti cheat didn't work out well on your server but as I said do not leave bugs or issues in the reviews please.