Portable Beacons [1.16] 1.03

Beacons without the hassle!

  1. Natecb13
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    • 1.16
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    Beacons without the hassle!

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    Portable Beacons make using beacons in Minecraft hassle-free! Simply load materials into the beacon and transfer it as you wish without having to build ugly pyramids of iron blocks!​

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    To load materials into the beacon, simply left-click while holding the block. Alternatively, you can shift + left-click to load all of the blocks in your hand.

    Once a portable beacon is created (if any blocks are loaded) you will now be sent to the portable beacon GUI when clicking on the beacon.

    The portable beacon GUI works exactly like a regular beacon. You need a certain amount of blocks to unlock effects. You can view what Tier beacon you have by looking at the book icon in the GUI.
    book icon.jpg

    Beacon Power is determined by the number of blocks loaded. Each block is worth 1 beacon power with a max of 164, identical to vanilla Minecraft.


    Tier 1 :
    tier 1 beacon.jpg

    Tier 4 Beacon:
    Tier 4 Beacon.jpg

    Click HERE to watch an overview gif of the GUI.

    Beacon Range:
    Beacon ranges in Portable Beacons are identical to vanilla Minecraft!

    Tier 1: 20 Blocks
    Tier 2: 30 Blocks
    Tier 3: 40 Blocks
    Tier 4: 40 Blocks

    *Infinite vertical range for all tiers*

    Moving a beacon is as simple as breaking it and re-placing it where you want to move it to!

    The item will show the beacon power in the lore of the item.

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    If you encounter any bugs, have a question, or need help, please join my Plugin Support Discord HERE.

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Recent Reviews

  1. EnderSandman
    Version: 1.02
    This plugin is great! A must have for all servers. Beacons are so much cleaner on the server and they can be moved from place to place very easily. It would be even better if you added all potion effect to it and not just the ones that are in regular beacons.
    1. Natecb13
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I decided not to add all potion effects because I was just trying to emulate a vanilla beacon, but that might be something done in the future! Thanks again!
  2. MelaniumAS
    Version: 1.01
    nice plugin

    soport 1.8.9 minecraft ???

    1. Natecb13
      Author's Response
      For now, only 1.16 is supported. Possibly if there is enough support, I might release other versions. Thanks for the review!