Portable Crafting Inventories | Completely Customizable 1.7.3

Open crafting inventories on the go.

  1. Enderchest restrictions

    ATTENTION » This version contains additions to the files settings.yml and messages.yml. If you wish to preserve file formatting and the files comments it is recommended to backup your files and generate new ones.

    ADDITION » New setting 'ender-chest-restrictions' (default false.) If enabled it will only allow a player to add item to the enderchest (when using /echest). Suggestion by @OnyxianSoul

    ADDITION » New message 'cant-retrieve-from-enderchest'. This is the message that is sent when a player tries to add an item from their enderchest to their inventory.

    NOTE » If you pick an item up from your inventory and try to place it back into your inventory it will trigger the event if the enderchest is open.
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