Portable Crafting Inventories | Completely Customizable 1.7.1

Open crafting inventories on the go.

  1. SIGNS!

    ATTENTION » This update adds 17 new messages, 10 new settings, and a brand new configuration file called 'signs.yml'. I recommend to backup your config file to save the comments and formatting in the file.

    FIX » The plugin should now work with plugins getting the title from one of our inventories. Thanks Dogs4Chow

    ADD » Sign functionality. See below, or the main page, for more information.
    ADD » 'use-sign' boolean in the 'settings.yml'.
    ADD » 'use-<feature>-sign' boolean in the 'settings.yml'.
    ADD » '<feature>-sign' message in the 'messages.yml'.
    ADD » New config, 'signs.yml'. This is only used to store information for signs created for the plugin.
    ADD » New permissions: pci.sign.create, pci.sign.*, pci.sign.use.*, pci.sign.anvil(.use), pci.sign.cartography(.use), pci.sign.crafting-table(.use), pci.sign.enchanttable(.use), pci.sign.enderchest(.use), pci.sign.grindstone(.use), pci.sign.loom(.use), pci.sign.stonecutter(.use)

    All of the inventories have their own sign which you can create using the features name as the first line of the sign. Below are images showing how to create the signs.

    The feature name can be lower case, upper case, or mix case and will still work!

    The signs work on all sign variants! You can set the text and color in the messages.yml if you don't like the color.

    Sorry for the double update; added the wrong jar
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