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  1. Update to Enchant Tables

    ATTENTION » This update contains updates to the Settings.yml and the Messages.yml, if you wish to preserve your formatting please backup your files before updating.

    Through the /enchantment command you can now defined a max level for enchanting.
    ADD » New setting 'allow-max-level-argument' if true it will allow players with the permission 'pci.enchant.use-max-level' to define what the maximum level for their enchanting. This type of enchant table cannot be opened for another player.
    ADD » New setting 'maximum-enchant-level' if 'allow-max-level-argument' is true it will limit the maximum enchantment level to what is defined here. (This does not apply to when just using the default enchant table.)

    Thanks to @Balmys for this suggestion!

    NOTE » Because of the way we alter the enchantments the enchantment you see when you hover over may differ from the one you actually get on your item.

    ADD » New message 'open-enchanting-with-max-level'.
    ADD » New message 'must-be-in-range'.

    • Update Lombok to version 1.18.12 (was 1.18.10)
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