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Open crafting inventories on the go.

  1. Better Null Checking

    ATTENTION » All server owners should be aware of this by now, however if you are not: Minecraft 1.17 will be the first version in some time to update the Java version. Mojang has made the move to Java 16, with this update some plugin developers (me included) will likely update to exclusively support Java 16. Be aware that I will continue to develop against Java 8 until 1.17 is released where 16 will be the version I build against. This will effectively force users to use Java 16 to use this plugin, you will also be forced to use Java 16 when running Minecraft by the launcher itsself.

    NOTE » The previous "known issue" of the title not appearing in the open Furnaces and Brewing stand was a resource pack issue on my end, therefore this is no longer an issue.

    FIX » Better null checking for furnaces and brewing stands, if you have a value saved in either a SQL database or in the player data file and we can't find a furnace inside of the furnace config we will create a new furnace and open it instead of just sending an error; if there are issues of Furnaces or Brewing stands being deleted from their respective data files I will come up with other ideas on how to save that information.

    FIX » Better checking for the sign configuration file has also been implemented; don't know why it took me this long to implement this into the reload command but the sign configuration should no longer be "reloaded" when signs are disabled in the settings.yml.
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