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Open crafting inventories on the go.

  1. Support for 1.17 (BETA RELEASE)

    ATTENTION #1 » THIS UPDATE IS THE FIRST TO REQUIRE THE USE OF JAVA 16, THIS PLUGIN WILL NO LONGER WORK ON VERSIONS OLDER THEN JAVA 16! Support will not be given to users that are using an invalid Java version.

    ATTENTION #2 » This update is considered a BETA release, it is expected that some things may not work properly in 1.17.

    ADD » Adds support for 1.17. Support for 1.15 has not yet been dropped, when 1.17 becomes stable and is the default build for Buildtools support for 1.15 will be dropped and will be considered EOL.

    Created a new module for 1.17 (v1_17_R1)
    We now use the mappings jar, as such we now require the use of the SpecialSources plugin (see the main announcement page for this website for more information)
    Upgrade Lombok version from 1.18.18 to 1.18.20 (to support JDK16)
    Upgrade VF-API-Schatten to 1.1.1, and now uses Bukkit inventory creation methods for brewing stand.
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