Portable Crafting Inventories | Completely Customizable 1.7.1

Open crafting inventories on the go.

  1. Sign Updates

    ATTENTION » This update contains additions to the settings.yml and the messages.yml if you wish to maintain the comments and formatting for your configuration files it is recommended to backup your exisiting files before updating.

    ADD » 4 new settings:
    • use-smoker-sign
    • use-furnace-sign
    • use-blastfurnace-sign
    • use-brewing-sign.

    ADD » 8 new permissions:
    • pci.sign.furnace
    • pci.sign.blastfurnace
    • pci.sign.smoker
    • pci.sign.brewing
    • pci.sign.furnace.use
    • pci.sign.blastfurnace.use
    • pci.sign.smoker.use
    • pci.sign.brewing.use
    • All sign permissions are also included in pci.sign.* and pci.sign.use.*
    ADD » 8 new messages:
    • blast-furnace-sign
    • brewing-sign
    • furnace-sign
    • smoker-sign
    • blast-furnace-sign-created
    • brewing-sign-created
    • furnace-sign-created
    • smoker-sign-created

    ADD » 4 new signs.
    • Blastfurnace
    • Brewing
    • Furnace
    • Smoker.

    CHANGE » New Enchant sign functionality, providing a number on the second row will set the maximum level of the table to that.

    Fix a debug message improperly saying that we were unable to find a properties file.
    PCI.properties updated to 2; will now attempt to replace any bad references to old class names. (aka will attempt to replace: com.shanebeestudios.api to com.itsschatten.libs)
    Update Furnace API to 1.1.4

    Remove Permission#EMPTY, unused and never really worked in the first place.
    Minor refactoring to the SignListener#getSign() method; removes some duplicate code.
    Update SignListener to use Java 16 features.
    As there are no updates to any of the modules that handle NMS code the versions of those modules is not updated.
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