Portable Crafting Inventories | Completely Customizable 1.7.0

Open crafting inventories on the go.

  1. 1.18 update

    ATTENTION » PCI now uses Java 17 for compiling and for general development, be sure your version of Java is up to date.
    NOTE » As with all other releases of a major versions of Minecraft; after 1.18 becomes the default built version of Buildtools this plugin will continue to have support for 1.16-1.18.

    Thanks for 4k!

    ADD » Support for 1.18

  2. Sign Updates

    ATTENTION » This update contains additions to the settings.yml and the messages.yml if you wish to maintain the comments and formatting for your configuration files it is recommended to backup your exisiting files before updating.

    ADD » 4 new settings:
    • use-smoker-sign
    • use-furnace-sign
    • use-blastfurnace-sign
    • use-brewing-sign.

    ADD » 8 new...
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  3. Fix ArrayOutOfBounds for Paper

    NOTE » As mentioned in previous updates there is a bug with 1.17 paper servers that throws an error when attempting to update the InventoryView of an Inventory.

    As there are no new changes in this update the version remains at 1.6.9; there will be no update notification from the plugin for this update.
  4. Updates to Smoker and Blast Furnace; along with some important information.

    ATTENTION #1 » This update contains an addition to the 'settings.yml', should you wish to preserve your formatting please back up your files.
    ATTENTION #2 » There is still a known issue with paper and their forks where the furnace and brewing stand inventories do not animate, there is a fix waiting to be merged into the main project, you can find that here....
  5. Fix Virtual anvil to work properly with anvil altering plugins.

    FIX » Anvils should now work properly with plugins that use the bukkit api to alter the functionality of anvils.
  6. 1.17.1 support (Please Read Me)

    Sorry this took a bit; been busy doing other things.

    Thank you all for 3,000 downloads! Kind of insane that's it's been almost 3 years since I first released this plugin.

    ATTENTION » Support changes! Read in full.

    Because of the new mappings that were released with 1.17 the way NMS functions in this plugin is different compared to how it used to work. Mappings always changed between versions mind you just now we are forced to update every...
  7. EOL for 1.15

    ATTENTION » As seen here 1.17 is now the default build version of Buildtools, this marks the end of support for 1.15; versions from 1.6.6 and greater will now only support 1.16-1.17. Should you continue to use a 1.15 version it is recommended that you disable update checking via the settings.yml so you will not receive any update notifications....
  8. Fix duplication glitch in 1.17

    FIX » Fixes a duplication glitch found for 1.17, as stated before 1.17 is in BETA and is bound to experience issues, report any issues you find to the Github page.
    NOTE » This update does not address any furnace related issues as found in the latest review of the plugin and here. These will come in due time, though a duplication glitch is a bit more...
  9. Updates to Enchantment tables for 1.17 servers

    FIX » Properly hides the error previously described.

    CHANGE »Updates to the enchant table should now show the proper enchantment for servers in 1.17, should this be successful I'll port these changes to 1.16.
  10. 1.6.3

    FIX » Hides an exception when the brewing stand is open; this exception isn't anything game breaking it just simply makes the inventory view not update so you wont see any animations while the stand is open.