Portable Crafting Inventories | Completely Customizable 1.2.3

Open crafting inventories on the go.

  1. Support for Hex Colors

    ADD » Adds support for hex colors. To use them use <#color>. You can still use normal color codes and modifiers on the color codes.
  2. Fix Grindstone with 'use-permissions'

    FIX » Grindstone not working with the 'use-permissions' setting.
  3. quick lil' update

    ADD » Add smithing command.
    ADD » New setting to disable the use of permissions.

    FIX » Fixed sign settings, they should now work as intended.
  4. Fixes errors for users in 1.15.

    NOTE » This update still does not support the RGB coloring added in 1.16. On another note this update adds support for the plugin to run on multiple versions; from this point forward the plugin will receive full updates (bug fixing, feature additions, etc.) for the last 2 major version, in this case 1.15 AND 1.16. This is still highly experimental and the plugin still will continue to use the 1.16 API for normal API operations.

    [COLOR=rgb(0, 179,...[/B]
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  5. Support 1.16


    This update DOES NOT mark the end of feature support for 1.15. In the future there are plans to add support for furnaces and maybe brewing stands, I apologise for making promises that the feature is almost done when in reality they really haven't even begun to have work put into them.

    NOTE #2 »...
  6. Fix Null Pointer Exception.

    FIX » Fix a null pointer sent when Essentials isn't installed.
  7. Update to Enchant Tables

    ATTENTION » This update contains updates to the Settings.yml and the Messages.yml, if you wish to preserve your formatting please backup your files before updating.

    Through the /enchantment command you can now defined a max level for enchanting.
    ADD » New setting 'allow-max-level-argument' if true it will allow players with the permission...
  8. Fix compatibility with Essentials.

    FIX » Fixes the craft command and the enderchest command compatibility with Essentials. If the feature is disabled in PCI the command(s) will not be registered onto the server, if you wish to use our sign implementation that still works properly.

    NOTE » As a reminder, when 1.16 becomes officially supported by spigot (becomes the default build from Buildtools) we will drop support for 1.14 and 1.15 will only receive major bug fixes...
  9. 1.1.4

    ADD » Official support for 1.15.2 (well at the very least we use the API. This should still work on all 1.15 versions before this one.)
    ADD » We now check the servers MineCraft version before checking for an update to the plugin.

    NOTE » For those that care about it: I've updated some of the stuff inside of the plugin.
    • Instead of using the Java version of replace we now...
  10. 1.15

    This update marks the end for support of 1.13.2 and marks the end of feature additions for 1.14.x versions.

    ADD » Support for 1.15.