PortableBeacons 1.11

Bring your beacons with you!

  1. jacky8399
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    Bring your beacons with you!

    Drop 32 nether stars (configurable, see commands section) on an active beacon to convert it to a portable beacon, retaining its potion effects.

    You can also combine portable beacons in an anvil, exponentially costing more experience levels.

    Custom enchantments are also present. Combine portable beacons with enchanted books to get Experience Efficiency (default: Mending book) to reduce XP usage, or Soulbound (default: Curse of Binding) to preserve your portable beacon item on death.

    There are also a number of options to prevent players from becoming too overpowered. You can set an XP cost for activation, or disable beacons in certain worlds.

    All attributes of this plugin are highly configurable! Be sure to check the comments of each config item to see what it does.

    Optionally supports WorldGuard.

    Portable Beacon item

    Creation helper

    Anvil combination

    Customizable item name & lore

    - portablebeacons.command.* - for access to the /portablebeacons command
    - portablebeacons.bypass.world-guard-limit - for bypassing WorldGuard limits

    (Alias: /pb)
    - /portablebeacons - shows the current version
    - /portablebeacons reload - reloads configuration
    - /portablebeacons setritualitem - sets the 'ritual item' to the one in your hand
    Note: a stack must match item meta (item name, lore, data from other plugins), and have a quantity greater than the ritual item for the ritual to take place. Therefore it is safe to put custom items from other plugins.
    - /portablebeacons updateitems - forces all portable beacon items to update to match the config

    Item Manipulation Commands
    Usage: /portablebeacons item <operation>[flags] <player selector> <...>

    - give: /pb item give <selector> <effects/enchants...> - gives players a portable beacon; append *[amplifier] for higher amplifiers, e.g. speed*2 for Speed II, exp-reduction*3 for Experience Efficiency III
    - modify: /pb item <add/remove/set> <players> <effects...> - adds, subtracts, or sets levels of effects from portable beacons currently held by players
    /pb item add @s saturation*10 adds 10 levels of saturation
    /pb item remove-silently @a jump_boost subtracts 1 level of jump boost from all players silently
    /pb item set-modify-all @r regeneration*0 sets the level of regeneration to 0 (removing it entirely) from a random player
    - enchant: /pb item setenchantment <players> soulbound <level> <soulboundOwner> - sets the level of the custom enchantment on portable beacons currently held by players

    Enchantments: (can be disabled, values are configurable)
    exp-reduction (Experience Efficiency) reduces the experience required on activation by 20% per level, up to level 5 (100%)
    soulbound (Soulbound) keep item on death and deduct a level


    -silently: don't notify the player of the change
    -modify-all: change all portable beacons in players' inventories, as opposed to only changing the held portable beacon.

Recent Reviews

  1. Pavel2003
    Version: 1.7
    Great idea , can not really use the custom enchant system, simple and easy plugin , hope to see more features, keep it on.
    1. jacky8399
      Author's Response
      Sorry, it is still work in progress. I will work on it in the next version.
  2. Louellay
    Version: 1.6
    Amazing, waiting for future updates, makes beacons much easier to move with. Really love the concept
  3. Harry0198
    Version: 1.4
    Great concept, with a few tweaks such as a configurable lore / item name it'll be great! However, I'd recommend a more thorough tutorial, I couldn't get it to work without the command.