PortableBeacons 1.11

Bring your beacons with you!

  1. Config & Command Improvements, WIP Custom Enchantments

    Note: the new storage format requires Spigot 1.16.2 or higher.
    • added /pb item command (replaces /pb givebeacon) to modify existing portable beacons
      • Usage: /pb item <give/add/remove> <player selector> <effects...>
    • renamed /pb setitem to /pb setritualitem
    • allow configuring the effect duration and maximum amplifier of individual effects
    • added Experience Efficiency and Soulbound custom enchantment
      • currently only obtainable with commands
        • Usage: /pb item setenchantment <exp-reduction/soulbound> <level>
      • Experience Efficiency reduces experience consumption (if enabled in configuration)
      • Soulbound doesn't work yet
    • added bStats metrics
      • can be disabled by editing /plugins/bStats/config.yml
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