PortableBeacons 1.11

Bring your beacons with you!

  1. 1.10 - More WorldGuard flags, bug fixes

    • added WorldGuard flags allowed-beacon-effects and blocked-beacon-effects to allow fine-tuning of effects allowed in a region
      • These flags accept filters
      • A filter is either POTION_EFFECT or POTION_EFFECT[operator][constraint] (e.g. HASTE>=3 will only match Haste effect at level 3 or above)
    • added /pb item filter <player> <allow/block> <filters>
    • added /pb toggle <ritual/anvil-combination> to toggle these mechanics temporarily
    • merged /pb item setenchantment into /pb item <add/give/set/remove>
    • improved hot reloading reliability (with PlugMan or other plugin managers)
    • fixed a potential deadlock when using only-apply-in-hotbar
    • fixed an exploit that caused the ritual to miscalculate beacon base blocks to remove
    • improved performance
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