PortableBeacons 1.11

Bring your beacons with you!

  1. 1.11 - Toggle effects, new toggle command

    • Added the ability to toggle individual effects in a GUI openable via shift right-click
    • Added config options to allow picking up and placing down portable beacons
    • Added way too many placeholders (check config comments)
    • Added /pb toggle command to toggle certain features without editing config.yml
    • Fixed incorrect beacon base block calculations among other things
  2. 1.10 hotfix

    re-released to fix 1.10 showing up as 1.0 in commands
  3. 1.10 - More WorldGuard flags, bug fixes

    • added WorldGuard flags allowed-beacon-effects and blocked-beacon-effects to allow fine-tuning of effects allowed in a region
      • These flags accept filters
      • A filter is either POTION_EFFECT or POTION_EFFECT[operator][constraint] (e.g. HASTE>=3...
  4. 1.9.2 - Command additions and bug fixes

    • command changes
    • supports 1.14-1.16.1 once again
    • fixed some regressions
  5. Custom Enchantments, Bug Fixes

    • Soulbound now works
    • Custom enchantments can now be added with enchanted books
      • Defaults: (can be changed in config)
      • Curse of Binding -> Soulbound
      • Mending -> Experience Efficiency
    • Added argument to set soulbound owner via command
    • Bug fixes
  6. Config & Command Improvements, WIP Custom Enchantments

    Note: the new storage format requires Spigot 1.16.2 or higher.
    • added /pb item command (replaces /pb givebeacon) to modify existing portable beacons
      • Usage: /pb item <give/add/remove> <player selector> <effects...>
    • renamed /pb setitem to /pb setritualitem...
  7. 1.8 - Even more nerfs & WorldGuard support

    - Added WorldGuard support to disable Portable Beacons in certain regions.
    - use the flag allow-portable-beacons
    - give the permission portablebeacons.bypass.world-guard-limit to bypass​
    - Added config to force downgrade overpowered Portable Beacons.
    - Prettify the output of /pb inspect
  8. 1.7

    - added more nerfs to config
    - you can disable Portable Beacon in specific worlds
    - you can disable Portable Beacon when it is not on player's hotbar
    - you can set an experience cost that will deduct experience when in use (see `/pb inspect` for more info)​
    - added config to disable vanilla anvil level limit (Too Expensive! when cost > 39 levels)
    - updated Spigot API to 1.16.4 (should be backwards-compatible)
  9. 1.6

    - Support for CustomModelData for beacon items
    - Added /pb updateitems to force all beacon items in players' inventories to be updated (useful for config changes)
    - Fixed bugs
  10. 1.5 - Beacon Creation Reminder, More Configurations

    - Added glowing beacon outline to nearby eligible beacons if the player does not already own a Portable Beacon
    - Added customizable item name and lore on creation, and potion effect names
    - Improved commands