PortableHoles 1.0

PortableHoles allows you to create temporary tunnels.

  1. Wombosvideo
    PortableHoles allows you to create temporary tunnels using an item. This item requires a redstone block each usage.

    Use /portablehole to get the item required to create the temporary tunnel. The tunnel will last for six seconds.

    portableholes.giveִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִ.......Access for the command to get the item
    portableholes.use.........Allows the usage of item
    portableholes.nofuel.....Doesn't require redstone blocks

    Here is the origin of my idea. I just recreated the shown command block contraption as a bukkit plugin.

Recent Reviews

  1. kdthehun
    Version: 1.0
    Sweet plugin! Even after all these years this is still working.... mostly. I'm guessing it was using WITCH_MAGIC particle effect which no longer recognized. It throws errors about that in the console, but beside that everything works fine on 1.13!