Portal Radius Changer 1.1

Change the search radius of nether portals!

  1. Jeppa
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    This small plugin just changes the search radius for the nether portal when traveling to the nether, or back from nether to overworld.
    Since this has changed in 1.16 (and seems to be buggy) this plugin can be used to adjust the radius for each world!

    This can still be used in 1.17.x and 1.18.x !

    • Change the default search radius that is used for each world!
    • Change the radius for a single world to a specific value.
    • Change the scale that is used to calculate the radius based on the default setting.
    • Radius can be increased or decreased!
    If your server started having issues when you return from nether to your world and it creates a new netherportal because it can't find the one that was used to travel to nether: this plugin can fix that!
    Just set the radius to the value that is needed to find the portal (default should be fine).

    If all your players have their own nether portals and when they come back from nether they spawn in the wrong one, because the portals are all too close... this plugin can help!
    Reduce the search radius so each portal has it's own destination portal...
    (needs a little testing.... :))

    How to install :
    1. Put the jar-file into your plugins folder
    2. Restart the server
    3. Use the commands to set your values as needed
    4. done

    Permissions :
    There is only one permission needed:

    • portalradiuschanger.admin

    /prc help
    Display the help...
    /prc value {worldname} radius [value]
    Display the radius for world 'worldname' or set a new radius if [value] is specified.

    /prc value {worldname} scale [value]
    Display the scale for world 'worldname' or set a new scale if [value] is specified. Scale is used to calculate the radius, based on the default radius!

    /prc value {worldname} remove
    Removes all values for world 'worldname' !
    This world starts using the default again!

    If both is set (radius AND scale): scale is ignored!

    If you find any errors or have issues with this, please let me know!
    Feel free to use the discussion!!

Recent Updates

  1. V1.1: Fix for 1.18...