Portal Stones 1.5

Add "Portalstone" to your Minecraft world.

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
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    Portal Stones

    Portal Stones introduces a new item, Portalstone.

    Portalstone can be used to bind regular nether portals to a portal stone. Once the Portalstone has been bound to two or more portals you can use the stone to fuse the portals together into a portal path way. Once fused, the portal path ways may be traversed by any entity that would normally be able to traverse a nether portal.

    Use Portalstone as a quick, fun, and easy admin tool to set up portal ways that will easily get players around your server.
    Use Portalstone to set up portal ways for quick navigation around your structures without the need for commands and tools that require manual block selection.
    Use Portalstone to set up portal ways from friends houses to yours, no more /teleport me where ever if I am allowed commands.
    Use Poralstone to create circular portal ways by using one stone, or use multiple stones to form multi path ways that link one path way into another.
    Use Portalstone for creating even more elaborate factories by sending items through the portal ways.

    Configure whether Portalstone will drop occasionally while mining Redstone ore.
    Configure the drop chance to what ever you like.
    Configure whether Portalstone is craftable with a recipe of one Redstone ore makes a Portal stone.
    Configure whether throwing Redstone into a nether portal will bounce Portalstone back out.

    Up to 2.4 billion portal path ways may be created over a server's lifetime.
    Automatically saves when your world(s) do(es) keeping portal path ways in sync with world data.

    With Portal Stones, the possibilities are endless!

    ** This plugin uses auto updates. You choose whether you want to use them on not by changing the value of "Auto updates enabled:" in the plugin's config.yml. **

    Teaser Video

    Instructional Video

    Better Instructional Video

    Courtesy of https://serverminer.com

    Q: I am reloading the server but my configuration changes are not being loaded. How come?

    A: You have most likely been editing "defaultConfig.yml". The "defaultConfig.yml" is just there for reference you want to be editing "config.yml"

    Q: How do I remove a portal way?

    A: Simply break the obsidian using a Diamond Pickaxe and the portal way is automatically removed.

    Q: What about permission?

    A: Portal Stones does not have any permissions of its own. It can easily be used in conjunction with already existing permissions however. For example:

    Players cannot remove another players portal unless they have permission to destroy the obsidian block it is made out of.

    Players cannot use other players portals if they do not have permission to open a door to the room a portal is inside of.

    Q: What about other languages?

    A: We currently have Item Localization for English, German and French.
    We are hoping to add other localization in the future.
    German Translation provided by: CloudeLecaw

    Version 1.5
    Bug Fixes / Changes

    • Fixed an issue where throwing stacks of Portalstone into nether portals would return an incorrect amount back.
    • Fixed an issue where partially complete portal ways could be completed using another partially complete portal way.
    • Fixed an issue where destroying a partially complete portal way would destroy every other partially complete portal way on the server.
    • Fixed an issue when breaking certain portal way configurations self-linking portals were created.
    • Fixed an issue where console output would state which item a player had equipped when destroying redstone ore.
    • The known issue from Version 1.4 of random blue text on Portalstones seems to no longer be an issue.
    Version 1.4
    New Features
    • Added option to turn auto updates on and off.
    • Conformed the update service to dev.bukkit.org project guidelines.
    Version 1.3
    New Features

    • Added support for servers running 1.13.x.
    • Added plugin auto update feature.
    Bug Fixes / Changes
    • Changed default drop chance to 1 in 64 from 1 in 16
    • Portal stones now only drop if mined with an iron or diamond pick axe (coincides with vanilla redstone mining).
    • Portal stones no longer drop when destroying blocks in creative mode.
    • Changed the particles that are displayed when throwing portal stones into nether portals.
    Known issues
    • The portal stone's item text sometimes contains "Redstone" written in blue (original item it was created from). There are no known steps to recrate the issue. It will not be fixed until we can determine exactly how it happens.

    Version 1.2
    • Fixed an issue with configuration files not being properly loaded.
    • Removed support of plugin managers. The default bukkit/spigot "/reload" command is supported.

    Version 1.1
    New Features

    • Added Localization for English, German, and French.
    • Added support for plugin managers that do not properly disable plugins and / or properly remove item recipes for those plugins.
    Bug Fixes / Changes
    • When using a portal way created by a Portalstone, non-player living entities, such as cows, have their portal cool-down set to 1 second, as opposed to the Minecraft default of 300 ticks.
    • Code optimizations added for the Plugin's search algorithm.
    Known Issues
    • Really determined AI will occasionally manage to teleport from the Nether world to a portal created using a Portalstone, even though this is not allowed.
    • Players must stay within 1 block of the portal for the duration of the teleportation process for teleportation to be successful.

    Bukkit Page: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/portal-stones-plugin
    Spiggot Page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/portal-stones.51806/

    Looking for a server that supports this plugin?
    Check out https://serverminer.com

    Questions, comments, and feature requests are welcome.
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  1. HunkyHenry
    Version: 1.5
    Very Kewl PLugin. Works well. I wish there was a command to give yourself portal stones but i managed to clone myself a bunch using world edit.
  2. Instantout
    Version: 1.2
    5 Starts Love the Idea! you can make a 20x20 nether portal and they will still connect (there is a Delay) but works well. you can transfer mobs etc.
    Its connection in a world through portals. love it and would love to see the updates as well. keep up the great work!
  3. CloudeLecaw
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great Idea :D i like the idea of this plugin. Hm maybe one day there will be a way to translate it for other lang servers and some permissions, then we can give a nice 5 star rate :) The plugin in its works is great so long! :)