PortalControl 0.0.6

Control Default Portal Behavior!

  1. TSpooked
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    PortalControl - Control the default behavior of portals on your server!

    Come play with us!


    Important Notes:

    - Worlds/portals not configured with PortalControl will be handled by other plugins or natively if you have no other plugins installed that manage portals. That means you do not have to link world to world_nether or world_the_end. It's already linked by default!

    - The screenshot above doesn't contain /pa showlinks, but it's in the plugin.


    /pa (alias for /portalcontrol)
    - Display the help menu shown in the picture above.

    /pa help - Display the help menu shown in the picture.

    /pa reload - Reload the PortalControl config file.

    /pa link <nether/end> <fromWorld> <toWorld>
    - Link nether or end portals in fromWorld to the world spawn of toWorld. I.e., to make end portals in a world called towny go to a world called towny_end, I would use the command "/pa link end towny towny_end".

    /pa unlink <nether/end> <world>
    - Unlink nether or end portals from a world.

    /pa showlinks - Show the links set up in the config.


    - portalcontrol.admin
    - Allows access to all the commands of PortalControl. Defaults to OP.


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