PortalGun 1.0

Open portals and teleport through them

  1. Destroy portals, teleport between worlds, save opened portals option & bug fixed

    - Now the portals are destroyed if you put a block where they are.
    - New permission to allow destroying portals (portalgun.destroy).
    - Now you can place portals in different worlds. The portals will only teleport entities if there is at least 1 player in the destination world (except for teleporting players).
    - An option has been added in the configuration to keep the portals open in case of restart or shutdown.
    - Fixed the bug of the disappearance of some entities.
  2. Place portals & teleport riding animals

    - Now you can only place portals in solid blocks.
    - Portals will no longer overlap.
    - If you are riding a mob, the mob will be teleported first.
  3. Bugs & tab support

    - Updated to spigot 1.12.2
    - Fixed the error of leaving through the same portal in some occasions.
    - Now if you write "/portalgun " and press the tab key, it will show you all the options.
  4. Remove portals Update

    You must delete config.yml.
    /portalgun remove all now remove all the active portals, not the active users portals.
    New option added, player's portals get deleted on leave.
  5. Optimization

    Now each second charge all the entities in the portal's chunk (not all the world entities).
  6. Teleport Update

    Now, items and mobs aren't constantly teleported.
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  7. Teleport Position & Bug Fixes

    Must remove config.yml
    Now the player is teleported to the center of the destination block (not the corner)
    Error message added (open portals in different worlds)
    Fixed error when portal created on -x or -y.
  8. No spam, teleport all Entities

    Delete config is required.
    Teleport all entities.
    No more spam in console!
    Configure portal particles (Some of them look bad).
    2 types of portal particles animations.
    Conserve Pitch on crossing through a portal.
    Code optimized.
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  9. More configurable!

    You need to delete config.yml
    Now the config is in English.
    More messages.
    Added portal little distance between supported block (some particles were not visible).
    PortalGun length can be configurated.
    Added '/portalgun remove all' to delete all the portals.
    Added 'portalgun.remove.all' permission.
    I'm still trying to remove console spam, sorry :(