[Ported to new plugin] Donation Nicknames 1.8.0

Allow player to change their names when donating for your server

  1. TPNils

    I have started from scratch creating this plugin again. This time written a lot better and with SPONGE SYNC SUPPORT

    Go and check it out here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/nickname-manager.31874/

    The new plugin does not use the same method of saving player data, to resolve this I have added a export command. It will export your player data (yml or mysql) to the new plugin's mysql database. The export only supports exporting to mysql.

    How to export

    1. Start your server with the new plugin (this will create the config)
    2. Stop the server
    3. Change the storage to MySQL and fill in the details
    4. Create the database
    5. Start the server again so the database can be initiated
    6. If any errors occure, check if you filled in everything correctly
    7. Use nicknames:admnick export <host> <port> <database> <user> <password>
    8. These should be the database info for the new plugin to export t
    9. Wait
    The console will show you the progress. While the export is happening, the server may time out.

    That should be it. Make sure to check the wiki for all information needed for the new plugin.

    Old information


    This plugin is designed so server admins can give an amount of nicknames to their players through donations. Once the player has received it, they will have to accept the rules you have stated in the language file. This option can be turned off in the config or bypassed with a permission.

    When the rules have been accepted, they can test how their nickname would look with /nick test and actually change it with /nick set. Check the permissions to allow/deny players access to colored nicknames with effects

    Player nicknames will sync to all your others servers if the config setting 'storage' is MySQL. Make sure all your servers point to the same database and same table! You can save the players to a local file by setting the config setting 'storage' to YML but it won't sync the nickname to other servers

    If you like this plugin and wish to support me, feel free to donate.

    Features quick overview:
    • Tab completion
    • Multiple language support
    • Interact with offline players
    • Build in, editable rules
    • Sync nicknames to all your servers over MySQL
    • Preview your nickname before changing it
    • Build-in cooldowns (check the config down below)
    • Nametags (the name above your head) changes with your nickname!

    Player Commands:
    • /IAcceptTheNicknameRules - Accept the server rules (optional)
    • /nick rules - See the rules given by the server
    • /nick set <nickname> - Set your nickname
    • /nick test <nickname> - See how your nickname will look
    • /nick color - List of all colors and effects
    • /nick check - Check how many times you can still change your nickname
    • /nick reset - Reset your own nickname (does not use a nickname change)
    • /nick realname <player_nickname> - Find the real name of a player
    Admin Commands:
    • /admnick set <player> <nick> - Force change the nickname of a player
    • /admnick give <player> <amount> - Give the player X amount of nickname changes
    • /admnick check <player> - Get all the information of a player regarding nicknames
    • /admnick reset <player> - Reset the nickname of a player. Will not refund the lost nickname change
    • /admnick fullreset <player> - Reset the nickname and remaining nickname changes of a player
    • /admnick debug - Don't use this unless asked by the developer
    • nicknames.bypass.acceptrules - You won't have to accept the rules
    • nicknames.player - Access to all /nick commands
    • nicknames.effect.nolimit - Allow the player to bypass the limit of the amount of effects which is set in the config
    • nicknames.colors.nolimit - Allow the player to bypass the limit of the amount of colors which is set in the config
    • nicknames.bypass.nochangelimit - Allow the player to change his nickname at no cost
    • nicknames.admin.set - Access to /admnick set
    • nicknames.admin.give - Access to /admnick give
    • nicknames.admin.check - Access to /admnick check
    • nicknames.admin.reset - Access to /admnick reset
    • nicknames.admin.fullreset - Access to /admnick fullreset
    • nicknames.debug - Access to /admnick debug
    • nicknames.staff - See Staff Nicks
    • nicknames.cooldown.VIP1 - Use the VIP1 cooldown from the config
    • nicknames.cooldown.VIP2 - Use the VIP2 cooldown from the config
    • nicknames.cooldown.bypass - Bypass the cooldowns
    • nicknames.bypass.blacklist - Bypass the nickname blacklist
    • nicknames.player.othernames - Allow players to change their names to something different than their account name
    • nicknames.player.nametag - The nametag above the player his head will change aswell (max 48 characters with colors and effects)
    • nicknames.effects.obfuscated
    • nicknames.colors.black
    Staff Nicks:

    This plugin was developed for a server where they wanted to separate nicknames of players and staff. The reason for this was that all staff members were only staff on some servers. This way they could have unlimited nickname changes and have the magic effect as staff without it affecting them on the other servers. You may not need this at all for you and you could ignore this feature

    Languages added:
    Feel free to post your own translation, I will add it to the plugin and give you credit :D
    • English
    • Dutch

    Tested versions:
    • MC 1.6 or lower is NOT compatible
    • Bukkit 1.7.10 & Vault 1.4.1
    • KCauldron 1.7.10-1403 & Vault 1.4.1
    • Spigot 1.8.7 & Vault 1.5.3-b37

    Planned updates:
    • Build-in cooldowns
    • Per color & effect permissions
    • Blacklist of words in nicknames (with regex support?)
    • Nametags
    • Disquising (those plugins already exist)
    • Nickname your friends
    • Add 1.6 support
    Feel free to suggest your idea's for this plugin.

    Optional Dependency:

    A Permission plugin:

    Issue with essentials:
    If your server has the essentials plugin, you will need to edit the config of essentials and change change-displayname to false

    Code (Text):

    # For 1.7 servers and above, choose to use fancy messages or default
    UseFancyMessages: true

    # Maximum length for a nickname (max 48)
    # The absolute max length is 48 characters since this is the limit of the nametag length, inclusing colors
    # If their are less than 48 chars, the max length will be the amount of letter in the name, excluding colors
    maxlength: 20

    # Maximum colors per nickname, there are 16 colors
    maxcolors: 4

    # Maximum effects per nickname, there are 5 effects (bold, strikethrough, underline, italic, magic)
    maxeffects: 2

    # Decide if players need to accept the rules first
    mustAcceptRules: true

    # Prefix which goes in front of the nickname
    # Keep in mind, this will not be ingored by the maxlength
    prefix: ''

      # Enable changing the name above the player their head
      # This may cause issues with other plugins!
      Enable: true
      # Force their real playername to be displayed next to their heads
      # Keep in mind, nametags can only have 48 characters, including colors which are 2 (&f).
      OriginalName: false

    # Supported languages can be found in the folder "plugins/nicknames/lang"
    language: english

    # Banned nicknames with regex syntax (not case sensitive)
    - '[o0]wn[e3]r' # owner
    - 'f[o0]und[e3]r'# founder
    - 'adm[i1]n' # admin
    - 'm[o0]d([e3]r[a4]t[o0]r)?' # mod
    - 'h[e3]lp[e3]r' # helper
    - 'n[i1]g+[e3]r' # nigger
    - 'n[i1]g+[a4]r*' # nigga
    - 'f[a4]g+[o0]t' # faggot
    - 'r[a4]p[i1]st' # rapist
    - 'n[a4]z[i1]' # nazi
    - 'sh[i1]t' # shit
    - 'y[o0]utub[e3]r?' # youtuber
    - 'str[e3][a4]m([e3]r)?' # streamer
    - 'n[o0]tch' # notch

    # Cooldowns for changing your nickname
    # Format: years(y), months(mo), weeks(w), days(d), hours(h), minutes(m), seconds(s)
      nameChange: 1mo # Default cooldown
      nameChangeVIP1: 1w # If player has the permission 'nicknames.cooldown.VIP1'
      nameChangeVIP2: 1d # If player has the permission 'nicknames.cooldown.VIP2'

    # Choose to save player data in YML files (local) or in MySQL (database)
    storage: YML

    # Database to store the synced nicknames, if the storage is MySQL
      table: nickname
      port: 3306
      database: Nicknames
      user: Derp
      password: MyUberPassWord

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    Hello, i am new at this new plugins, your plugins says you don't have permission, how do i get permission?
    1. TPNils
      Author's Response
      If you need help with plugins, please post in the discussion section. Reviews are only used to rate how you like the plugin.

      As for permissions, you need to have a permission plugin installed. If you use PermissionsEx, bPermissions or GroupManager and add the permissions which are listed in the main page, everythimng should work. If you use another permission plugin, you will also need to install vault for my plugin to work.

      If you wish to reply to this, please use the discussions section.
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    Version: 1.5.1
    Very good plugin! It works pefect in my server and the author is very active!! .
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    awesome plugin ,
    the plugin is perfect as is.
    just a small idea é.é
    maybe you could add an option where the players can change there nickname every month , that would be awesome ;3
    1. TPNils
      Author's Response
      Ill add that to my todo list.
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    Version: 1.4.1
    I love your plugin thanks .
    1. TPNils
      Author's Response
      thanks for the review :)