[Ported to new plugin] Donation Nicknames 1.8.0

Allow player to change their names when donating for your server

  1. Port to the new version

    I have started from scratch creating this plugin again. This time written a lot better and with SPONGE SYNC SUPPORT

    Go and check it out here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/nickname-manager.31874/

    The new plugin does not use the same method of saving player data, to resolve this I have added a export command. It will export your player data (yml or mysql) to the new plugin's mysql database. The export only supports exporting to mysql.

    How to export

    1. Start your server with the new plugin (this will create the config)
    2. Stop the server
    3. Change the storage to MySQL and fill in the details
    4. Create the database
    5. Start the server again so the database can be initiated
    6. If any errors occure, check if you filled in everything correctly
    7. Use nicknames:admnick export <host> <port> <database> <user> <password>
    8. These should be the database info for the new plugin to export to
    9. Wait
    The console will show you the progress. While the export is happening, the server may time out.

    That should be it. Make sure to check the wiki for all information needed for the new plugin.
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