[Ported to new plugin] Donation Nicknames 1.8.0

Allow player to change their names when donating for your server

  1. Port to the new version

    I have started from scratch creating this plugin again. This time written a lot better and with SPONGE SYNC SUPPORT

    Go and check it out here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/nickname-manager.31874/

    The new plugin does not use the same method of saving player data, to resolve this I have added a export command. It will export your player data (yml or mysql) to the new plugin's mysql database. The export only supports exporting to mysql.

    How to export

    1. ...
  2. Compatibility

    • Added config option to disable nametags.
    • Fixed a bug regarding giving name credits
  3. 1.7 MC support and longer nametags

    • Players have the permission "nicknames.player.othernames" by default.
    • The nametags (name avone the player his head) now has a 48 character limit (including colors which are 2 chars)
    • The maximum namelength has been reduced to 48 charatcers
    • Added support for 1.7 bukkit and kcauldron, tested on 1.7.10 bukkit and 1.7.10-1403 KCauldron
  4. Changing nametags + small bug fix

    • If players have the permission "
      nicknames.player.nametag" the name above their head will change with their nickname (max 16 characters including the colors/effects and MC 1.8+ only)
    • Added the permission "
      nicknames.player.othernames". This will allow players to change their nickname to something else then their own name. If they do not have this permission, they can only add colors or effect to the name of the account.
    • Fixed a bug where you can not change your nickname if...
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  5. Nickname blacklist, prefix and more permissions

    • Added a blacklist of banned nicknames in the config
    • Added a nickname prefix config
    • Added permissions per color and effect
    • Added permission to bypass the black list
    • Changed: Sending chat packets now in stead of using /tellraw
    • Fixed the option to disable people having to accept the rules
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  6. Essentials compatibility fix [Recomended update]

    • If players already had an essentials nickname, it will no longer override. You still need to change the config essntials!
    • Fixed a bug where the colors and effects were a part of the max name length
    • Fixed a bug where to long of names would still apply untill they log off, this would use a name change!
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  7. Cooldowns

    • Minor fixes
    • Added build in cooldowns (Check the config on the main post how it works)
    Note: If you update your plugin and you do not want to have cooldowns.
    1. Update the plugin
    2. Start the server to the config updates
    3. Stop the server
    4. Change the cooldowns to 0s
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  8. Resolve a small error

    Resolved the issue when essentials is not installed, an error is being thrown when a player logs in.
  9. Derp

    Derped, uploaded a wrong version which had a bug with SQL.