PortForwarding - Use SSH tunnel forward your local port to remote server 1.0

Use SSH tunnel forward your local port to remote server

  1. Ghost_chu
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    This is a Bukkit plugin allows forward local server port to remote server port through SSH tunnel!

    For example:
    You buy a panel server but you only have one port can be use.
    BUT you have a poor performance web server can hosting something, use this plugin can forward ports (for dynmap, plan or other somethings) to your poor server and allow players access.

    So you no-longer need paid extra money for extra ports.

    Code (YAML):
    ssh-host: poorserver.com
    : root
    : 12345 # Set to "" for disable
    : 22
    : /path # Set to "" for disable
    : somepassword # For private key only, Set to"" for disable
     - "localport:remoteport"
      - "1000:2000"
    In the demo, we will connect to server "poorserver.com" and forward local port 1000 to 2000 on remote server.

    All builds of bukkit are supported, Enjoy!
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