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    If you are unable to install Post-IT, please post in the support thread. It is not possible to help with installation if you post your issue in the reviews.

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    Post-IT is a website software package. It’s a great alternative to other expensive blog software. It's written entirely in PHP/HTML/Javascript and uses Bootstrap 3.

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    All features of Post-IT.

    Simple Twitter Feed
    Simple Blog
    More will be added soon

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    Again, more photos will be added soon.

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    We’ve linked a Video below that also explains how to install Post-IT

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    If you need any support or would like to make any requests, feel free to contact us either:
    within our
    Spigot thread GitHub Discord

    PHP 5.0+
    PHP PDO and MySQLi extensions
    MySQL database

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    Post-IT is released under the MIT license.

    Post-IT is an open source site software package which is free for everyone to use. We don't ask for any donations, but if you'd like to help out with the development there is a link below. Thanks!



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