PostalService 1.0.7

A fresh take on mail for Minecraft.

  1. ebiggz
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    [​IMG] About
    Postal Service is a mail plugin offering a level of fun, ease of use, and flexibility never available before. Postal Service mixes the best elements of traditional mail and e-mail in an entirely new, visual way and pushes the envelope even further by providing unique ways for players to communicate, share, and trade. By utilizing a GUI and the latest features of Minecraft, the days of memorizing commands, limited functionality, and chat cluttering menus are gone.

    Please note: PostalService currently requires a database to function. You can take a look at the full list of requirements below.

    [​IMG] Features
    Designed with user-experience in mind
    PostalService is almost entirely GUI based, and the commands that are needed are made easy with the use of interactive chat messages and tab completion. PostalService even supports writing longer messages in books!

    Send just about anything
    PostalService can handle different mail types, allowing practically anything to be sent as mail. PostalService comes with 4 built-in mail types and other plugins can create their own mail types too! Don't want a particular mail type? No worries! Every mail type can be disabled in the config.
    Four built-in mail types:
    • Letter - a text only message.
    • Package - in-game items.
    • Payment - in-game money. (Requires Vault)
    • Experience - XP points (not levels)
    PostalService allows you to register chests as mailboxes. Clicking a mailbox opens up the main menu where you can read your mail. You can even require a mailbox to be nearby when players send mail, making mailboxes the hub of all mail related activities.

    Multi-world support
    For those who have worlds or universes that don't share inventories, xp, currency,etc, you can define "world groups" where mail sent within a world group can only be claimed in that world group.

    Permissions for everything
    Whether you want only certain permission groups to be able to send a particular mail type, or you want to give permission groups different inbox sizes, PostalService has your back. (Group settings require Vault).

    100% translatable with full localization support
    Every bit of text, including commands, is phrased in a localization file. Edit it to your hearts content. You can also format and localize time stamps however you like. Players can also set their own timezone settings individually, because not everyone plays in the same timezone, right?

    UUID Support
    Players can change their name as much as they want without losing their mail data. Disclaimer.

    Update Safe
    Given there isn't any major API changes, PostalService does not need to be updated after every Minecraft/Bukkit/Spigot update.

    Easy Updates
    PostalService automatically checks for updates and will alert you when one is available with a button to download the update for you. Too lazy to click the button? New updates can also be automatically downloaded! You can have the auto-downloader download all updates, only minor bugfix updates to your current version, or download none at all! Disclaimer.

    Metrics Tracking
    This helps to give an idea of how the plugin is being used which in turn gives direction on shaping new features. Disclaimer.

    [​IMG] Requirements
    • Bukkit/Spigot 1.7+
    • Java 7+
    • MySQL Database

    [​IMG] Getting Started
    1. Place PostalService in your server's plugins folder. If you plan to use the Payment mail type or permission group settings, make sure Vault is installed as well.
    2. Restart your server to allow PostalService to generate the default config OR get a copy of the config here and save it to /plugins/PostalService/. Note: If a config doesn't exist the first time the plugin loads, PostalService will generate the default config file and then disable itself because it needs valid database credentials.
    3. Update the database settings and edit other settings in the config to your liking.
    4. Restart your server.
    5. Assign permissions to players.

    [​IMG] Future Additions
    • Trading Post. A Trade GUI for two players that live updates as player add items to trade. (Nearing completion)
    • Send mail to all players as server
    • Shipping costs and times
    • Mailbox location integration with Dynmap

    I welcome your feedback! Drop me a comment telling me what you think. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to submit a ticket with a feature request.

    If you have found a bug, issue, or error, please submit a ticket rather than leaving a comment! Players who post errors or file contents straight into a comment will be ignored and comments may be deleted.


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Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. MothMuse
    Version: 1.0.7
    please update!------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. enterih
    Version: 1.0.7
    This plugin is outdated and will not further developed. I suggest to every developer to create an alternative
  3. TNTSquid
    Version: 1.0.7
    This plugin is very good, the only problem is that is does not support uuid, which is a burden to online mode servers
  4. DylAngeloCrafts
    Version: 1.0.7
    Doesn't work.. any ideas :( ?

    Databse registed, 0 modifications on the config just the databse...
    Plugin tiers needed ?
  5. TheJadyha
    Version: 1.0.7
    It's pretty obvious that this is one unique and fantastic plugin. With every great product, there is always room for improvement.

    I have had this plugin installed on my server for about a week now and my users are crazy when it comes to being able to send items to each other even if they are thousands of blocks apart. Some of the things I have noticed is that new players need to be taught how to use certain things, which is kinda annoying for everyone.

    For example:
    There is no physical "dropbox" option in the GUI. Players have to be told that to access their dropbox they need to right click the "compose" option. I feel like this can be fixed by adding a dropbox button to the GUI.

    Currently, players are able to spam others by sending mail as many times as they please. This of course could be fixed with a "cool down" for sending mail.

    When viewing item mail in your inbox, the GUI closes after you collect it. I find this annoying because I have to type /mail again and click on inbox to open multiple packages at once.

    I think that's all I have for now. Really looking forward to the further development of this plugin.
  6. ReachesHigh
    Version: 1.0.7
    This is an amazing mail plugin. I really like the gui interface, and that you can send packages, money, exp, and just text messages. It has worked pretty good for me, can be a little slow sometimes but it is great. Looking foreward to the next update.
  7. CapoFantasma97
    Version: 1.0.7
    Simply awesome. The new interaction with other players makes the survival experience a lot more cooperative and fun.

    I recommend trying it out with a local chat only (no global chat).

    However, is it possible to the mailbox to give the book and quill used to send messages, or is the player forced to use commands only/craft book and quills (did not find anythig about this in the config)? I would love a more item/GUI based interaction and less command based one, and such a feature would be perfect.
  8. Anomaly
    Version: 1.0.7
    Awesome! finally something better than just plan old /mail :) This makes using any server mail system 100 times better!

    Thank you!
    1. ebiggz
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it, thanks for giving it a try :)
  9. Sliverpix
    Version: 1.0.6
    (see my post on page 3 of DISCUSSION for details)

    Looks like you started something great eBiggz!

    I EASILY installed this on our test server and she ran out of the box! I had a lot of fun playing with it. Love the GUI interface. Its smooth, easy to follow (definitely lived up to your claim "with user experience in mind"), the command line is easily tabbed (more so than ANY other plugin Ive tried so far), getting started with a new mailbox (a registered chest) was quick and simple. the config file is well documented leaving very little unexplained. (there is one thing and Ill get to it shortly). I like the fact it uses DB backends. Databases are the way to go for any game server, I dont care what others say. Good Job. Well thought out. It seems the support you are giving to the community is well received too! Thats a big bonus for anyone making plugins/programs today. Its a long lost art in my opinion to show some sincerity and compassion in your work. Im looking forward to seeing this develop into the #1 used mail plugin for minecraft servers! (certainly off to great start)
    1. ebiggz
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your kind feedback Sliverpix. Comments like this keep me motivated so I appreciate it.
  10. awesomebing1
    Version: 1.0.6
    An amazing take on in-game mail. I love the way it's both GUI and "CLI" based. However, have you thought about having the user writing the mail in a book, and naming the book the player's name they want to send it to?
    1. ebiggz
      Author's Response
      Hey Awesome, thanks for the feedback!

      Sending a message with a book is actually already possible! Just write your message in a book and include "to:[name]" at the end. Then drag and drop the book and quil onto the "Compose" icon in the mailbox menu (You see a demo of this in the youtube video).

      Alternatively, you can hold the book in your hand and type /mail letter to:[name] and it will copy the contents of the book. :)