Potion Commands 1.0.1

Dynamically register commands that give potion effects

  1. Shadowwolf97
    Potion Commands
    This plugin will allow you to dynamically register commands that give potion effects.

    Fetures List:

    • Dynamically create commands that give potion effects.
    • Command cooldowns to prevent potion spam.
    • Simple configuration
    • Includes a Lang.yml file so you can modify the output of the plugin.
    The base command is

    • /potioncommands or /pc
    • /potioncommands reload will reload the configuration file if the user has permission.
    • /milk [player] clears specified player of all potion effects or the user if no player is provided.
    For more information about permissions, view the projects GitHub page
    Put the PotionCommands.jar file into your server's plugin directory. A default config file will be created on the first run.

    This project is licensed using the MIT Open Source license.
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