Potion Manager [1.8 ~ 1.13] ~ GUI Potion Management Plugin! 3.1.1

Receive permanent potion effects through command or GUI

  1. Update #7, Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug where the invisibility permission wouldn't work, meaning players couldn't use the Invisibility potion effect in the GUI.

    If anyone has any problems, questions, or concerns please send me a private message!
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  2. Update #6, Improvements

    This update mainly consists on a lot of code cleanup, as well as a couple bug fixes. This version has been untested, but everything I changed should work without any problems, but if there are any bugs please let me know asap!

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the HealthBoost permission wouldn't work.
    • Fixed a bug where you get an update notification even though you have the correct version.
    If anyone has any problems, questions, or concerns please send me a private...
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  3. Update #5, Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where when you activate jump boost, it gave you haste instead, and you couldn't disable it.
    • Fixed a bug where the HealthBoost command wouldn't work at all.
    If anyone has any problems, questions, or concerns please pm me.
    You can join our discord for plugin support as well: Link
    If you like this plugin please give it a five star rating.
  4. Update #4, HUGE UPDATE, Complete Recode!

    You must delete your config.yml
    This update look me a while to complete, I have added a lot of new stuff into it that I hope all of you will enjoy! I never coded a GUI before so this was a great experience for me! I completely recoded the entire plugin and added a lot of great new features I hope all of you will love!
    • Added support for Minecraft 1.13
    • Added a new GUI where you can select what potion effects you want enabled easily!
    • Added...
  5. Update #3, Big Update

    This is a big update with a lot of changes to the plugin, and some changes to the config, so please read this entire update log!

    • Added the command /HealthBoost [Enable|Disable] <player> - Gives the player permanent health boost.
    • Permissions:
      • Potions.HealthBoost - Permission to use the command /HealthBoost.
      • Potions.HealthBoost.Others - Permission to enable/ disable other players health boost.
    • Added the command /Resistance [Enable|Disable]...
  6. Update #2 - A lot of changes

    Hello everyone, when I first created and uploaded this plugin I was a noob with coding, I learned a lot more since then so I have changed up a lot in this plugin.

    I want to know from all of you if I should change something big with the plugin.
    Should I make it so when you enable/ disable a potion effect its from a command like /nightvision <player>
    not /nightvision [Enable|Disable] <player>
    If i do this I would have to recode everything, I don't mind recoding everything, I just want to...
  7. Update #1

    Added /Fire for permanent fire resistance potion effect
    Permissions: Potions.Fire, Potions.Fire.Others

    Added /Invis for permanent invisibility potion effect
    Permissions: Potions.Invis, Potions.Invis.Others