Potion Sticks [Skript] Beta

Potions Sticks Is Potion Effects On Stick With a One Time Use!

  1. Juppi
    As Of This Stage There Are 4 Type's Of Potion Sticks. You Can Only Craft The Speed Stick For Now.

    • Potion's In Sticks
    • They Are One Time Use , After Using The Item Will be Remove Form Player Inventory
    • Easy to Edit Potion Effect Time
    • Craftable! (Only Fire Stick For Now{Red Mushroom Is The Item To Craft})
    • To Craft Right Click Red Mushroom on a Cauldron
    • As Of This Update Anyone Can Use The Potion Stick's If Enough People want A Permission To Use The Stick's I Will
    • You Will Need Skript.jar
    • /give_StrengthStick <name>:
    • /give_RegenStick <name>:
    • /give_SpeedStick <name>:
    • /give_FireStick <name>:
    • give.speedstick
    • give.regenstick
    • give.strenghtstick
    • give.firestick
    Please Report Any Bug's
    Updating Soon!
    Remember This Is A Beta

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