PotionEffects 2.1

A command effect plugin

  1. AnDYyY
    A very simple Potion Effects plugin.
    Those are the Commands :
    - Regen effect. (/regen)
    - Blindness effect. (/blindness)
    - Haste effect. (/haste)
    - Speed effect. (/speed)
    - Hunger effect. (/hunger)
    *More to be added*
    Those are the Permissions :
    Regen: - potion.regen
    Blindness: - potion.blindness
    Haste: - potion.haste
    Speed: - potion.speed
    Hunger: - potion.hunger
    This is how to Install it :
    1.Download the plugin
    2.Put it in the Plugins folder
    3.Reload/Restart your server
    4.Have fun!
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Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fixes
  2. Permissions !
  3. More Effects|Messages

Recent Reviews

  1. Sharope
    Version: 2.1
    Just Add config for potion time,and invisible potion and im happy :D
    1. AnDYyY
      Author's Response
      Okay, I will add it later today