PotionEffectsReloaded 1.1

PotionEffectsReloaded is a plugin that allows you to activate potions with a single command.

  1. BrianJAR
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    What is PotionEffectsReloaded?
    PotionEffectsReloaded is a plugin that will give players with the right permission the possibility to enable 'potion effects' by simply typing a command. PotionEffectsReloaded is a nice donater perk and fully configurable for server admins.

    • /speed (Activates speed potion)
    • /speedboost (Activates speed potion)
    • /nightvision (Activates nightvision potion)
    • /nv (Activates nightvision potion)
    • /jumpboost (Activates jumpboost potion)
    • /saturation (Activates saturation potion)
    • /waterbreathing (Activates waterbreathing potion)
    • /haste (Activates haste potion)
    • /pereload (Reloads config file)
    • potioneffectsreloaded.speed
    • potioneffectsreloaded.jumpboost
    • potioneffectsreloaded.nightvision
    • potioneffectsreloaded.saturation
    • potioneffectsreloaded.water
    • potioneffectsreloaded.haste
    • potioneffectsreloaded.admin
    Config file:
    Code (Text):
    # Thanks for downloading PotionEffectsReloaded

    #No permissions message
    NoPerm: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] You dont have the right permissions to use this command.'

    #Jumpboost settings
    JumpBoostEnabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] Jumpboost &aenabled&7!'
    JumpBoostDisabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] Jumpboost &cdisabled&7!'
    #JumpBoost Effect Level default is 0 max is 3
    JumpBoostLevel: 0

    #NightVision settings
    NightVisionEnabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] NightVision &aenabled&7!'
    NightVisionDisabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] NightVision &cdisabled&7!'

    #Water Breathing settings
    WaterEnabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] Water Breathing &aenabled&7!'
    WaterDisabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] Water Breathing &cdisabled&7!'
    #Water Breathing Effect Level default is 0 max is 3
    WaterLevel: 0

    #Saturation settings
    SaturationEnabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] Saturation &aenabled&7!'
    SaturationDisabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] disabled &cdisabled&7!'
    #Saturation Effect Level default is 0 max is 3
    SaturationLevel: 0

    #Speed settings
    SpeedEnabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] Speed &aenabled&7!'
    SpeedDisabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] Speed &cdisabled&7!'
    #Speed Effect Level default is 0 max is 3
    SpeedLevel: 0

    #Haste settings
    HasteEnabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] Haste &aenabled&7!'
    HasteDisabled: '&7[&cPotionEffectsReloaded&7] Haste &cdisabled&7!'
    #Haste Effect Level default is 0 max is 3
    HasteLevel: 0

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Recent Reviews

  1. everything_I_Am
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing plugin, with many features. Would recommend to a friend, any day. It has options for many potion effects, and can be very useful as bonus perks.