PotionKill 1.2

Gives you randomized potion effects as a reward for killing players or hitting them.

  1. zDrakon
    - Random Potion effects as "rewards" for every kill or hit of player

    - Mainly for kitpvp servers to enhance pvp experience for killing players.

    Known Bugs:
    - Config file can't be changed... Looking into this.

    - None

    1. How can I reload the plugin?
    A: Get Plugman or SimplePluginManager and do /plm reload PotionKill

    2. Will this be updated?
    A: Not really unless people really want me to... Its relatively simple plugin to code.

    3. I have a bug or problem with this plugin, where can I tell you about it?
    A: Post in DISCUSSION section. NOT REVIEWS

    This is my first released plugin. It is nooby and probably doesn't follow many code conventions. This plugin only works with players hitting players. WARNING: If you have a plugin such as Crackshot, SwornGuns, etc. that uses other entities to damage players, it will load crash errors.

    Upcoming features:
    - Possibly blindness when hitting.
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Recent Updates

  1. %victim% variable for player name.
  2. Time fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Genocidal
    Version: 1.2
    It is a decent plugin. It currently has issues with WorldGuard not blocking the potion effects allowing damage to be done in no-PvP areas, but other than that it is a good plugin that does what it's supposed to.
    1. zDrakon
      Author's Response
      Lol ikr... 1st plugin ever made
  2. ToonBasic
    Version: 1.0
    Horrible plugin -10/10 would never download again. This guy known nothing and doesn't even know how to make a simple config..

    <3 jk