Potions 1.8

Potions Command With Permissions + Potion Level Command

  1. vcoN00B
    This Plugin Allows You To /<command> Potions
    ✱ Potions Can be with Levels I II III IV
    ✱ Support Given Potion Message
    ✱ Support Sound While Type /<command> Potion

    Planned Features
    Potion List With GUI
    ✱ Config Support

    Commands And Permissions

    Speed Potion Permissions:
    /SpeedPotionII . Speed.Potion.II
    /SpeedPotionIII . Speed.Potion.III
    /SpeedPotionIV . Speed.Potion.IV

    Jump Potion Permissions:
    /JumpPotionII . Jump.Potion.II
    /JumpPotionIII . Jump.Potion.III
    /JumpPotionIV . Jump.Potion.IV

    Fast Digging Potion Permissions
    /FastDiggingII . Fast.Digging.II
    /FastDiggingIII . Fast.Digging.III
    /FastDiggingIV . Fast.Digging.IV

    HealPotion Permissions
    /HealII . Heal.Potion.II
    /HealIII . Heal.Potion.III
    /HealIV . Heal.Potion.IV

    Damge RESISTANCE Permissions

    Strength Potion

    /StrengthII Strength.II
    /StrengthIII Strength.III

    More Potions Added Soon :)
    Please Report For any Bug or Problem
    use /Potions for Potions List

Recent Updates

  1. Updated To Spigot 1.8
  2. Added Strength Potion

Recent Reviews

  1. Rux2D
    Version: 1.7.2 - 1.7.10
    It easy while ur playing and it's For Free THE HELL
    1. vcoN00B