Potions 2.6

Toggle On and Off Potion Effects! Great for Perks!

  1. Aaroonung
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    This plugin adds commands that toggle on and off potion effects! In my own server this is used as a perk for getting to a certain level however, the use of this plugin is completely up to you!

    v2.0 - If you're updating from an earlier version be sure to change the potion levels in the config to a minimum of 1

    • 7 Different Potion Types!
    • Completely Customizable Messages
    • Customizable Potion Levels
    • Per User Max Levels
    • Optional Cooldown
    • Permanent Effects!
    • Disable Potions
    • GUI Menu

    Planned Features
    If you have any suggestions feel free to purpose them in the discussion!
    • More Debuffs
    • Greater Version Support

    Code (Text):
    Night Vision
    Code (Text):
    <> = Optional, [] = Required
    /Potions - Displays Info
    /PotionsGUI - Opens Potions Menu!
    /Potions Help - Displays Commands
    /Potions Reload - Reloads Config
    /Potions List - Displays Possible Potion Effects
    /Milk <player>- Removes All Potion Effects
    /SuperPotion - Gives You a Bunch of Positive Potion Effects
    /*PotionEffect* <Level> - Gives You Potion Effect Type and Optional Level
    /*PotionEffect* [Level] [Player] - Gives Potion Effect To Player
    #Note the command for speed is /speedp to prevent command confliction
    Code (Text):
    Uses command max levels
    pot.perm.*potion effect* - Gives player permanent potion effects
    Ex. Player with permissions - pot.haste.4, pot.perm.haste will
    receive permanent haste level 4 but cannot use /haste
    Ex. 2 Player with permissions - pot.haste.4, pot.perm.haste,
    pot.haste will receive permanent haste level 4 and can use /haste
    If you are not using permanent effects I recommend setting it to false in the configs
    Code (Text):
    pot.potions - /potions
    pot.reload - /potions reload
    pot.milk - /milk
    pot.gui /potionsgui
    pot.superpotion - /superpotion
    pot.*potion type* - /*potion type*      #Note the permission for Night Vision is NV due to a error on my part.
    blindness = blind, slowness = slow
    pot.*potion type*.*max level* - Changes the level from the default in the config
    Example: pot.haste.4 - Allows you to use /haste 1-4 and /haste by default gives you level 4
    Add to your config
    Code (Text):

      GUI-Title: '&aPotions'
      GUI-Inventory-Item: '&8Inventory Item'
      GUI-Potion-Lore: '&7Click to get the potion!'
      GUI-Level: '&aLevel - '
      GUI-Haste: '&6Haste'
      GUI-Haste-Lore: '&6Haste '
      GUI-Speed: '&bSpeed'
      GUI-Speed-Lore: '&bSpeed '
      GUI-Strength: '&cStrength'
      GUI-Strength-Lore: '&cStrength '
      GUI-Luck: '&aLuck'
      GUI-Luck-Lore: '&aLuck '
      GUI-Regeneration: '&dRegeneration'
      GUI-Regeneration-Lore: '&dRegeneration '
      GUI-NightVision: '&5Night Vision'
      GUI-NightVision-Lore: '&5Night Vision '
      GUI-Glow: '&fGlow'
      GUI-Glow-Lore: '&fGlow '
      GUI-Milk: '&f&lClear Effects'
      GUI-Milk-Lore: '&7Click to clear all potion effects'
      GUI-Close-Menu: '&4&lClose Menu'

    Feel free to leave a review if you like the plugin!
    Please report any bugs, issues or suggestions in the discussion
    If you need further help feel free to add me on discord - Aaron#1257
    Thanks for downloading!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Mirade
    Version: 1.2
    Both myself and my players really like this plugin
    Hope to add some Debuff such as blindness on fire
    I hope paperspigot1.12.2 + have a continuous update
    thanks for all you have done
    1. Aaroonung
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'll add debuffs to the to-do list!
  2. NetherGoblin
    Version: 1.0
    Good plugin and could be much better with more potion effects, also add it so we can choose the potion effect once you add them,
    You have 2 Main classes that's unneeded... also don't name them like that it's better to name it (Something)Main but putting "Main" is harder to read and just plain annoying, also you may want to put your commands in a different class, as you add more commands it will be a lot cleaner
    1. Aaroonung
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'll be working on adding more to this plugin.
      About the two main classes I'm not sure what you mean by that. I have only one class in the project. I'll be sure to take your advice!