Potions 2.6

Toggle On and Off Potion Effects! Great for Perks!

  1. v2.6

    Added Invisibility
    And that's about it...

    Need more ideas!
  2. v2.5

    Added the ability to disable any potion effect
    To do this add the potion effect to the config and set the value to true :)

    Code (Text):
    Potions: #By: Aov
      Version: 2.5
      Cooldown: 5 #Set to 0 for no cooldown
      PermPotions: true
      Prefix: '&f[&9&o&lPotions&r&f]&r '
        Milk: '&f&lYou &lDrank &lMilk!'
        HasteOn: '&6&lHaste is &aenabled!'
        HasteOff: '&6&lHaste is &4disabled!'
        SpeedOn: '&b&lSpeed is &aenabled!'
        SpeedOff: '&b&lSpeed is &4disabled!'
  3. More Customizability

    You can now change anything in the GUI Menu :)
  4. Looking for feedback!

    Thanks for the downloads!
    I'm currently not sure where to go with the plugin and I'm looking for suggestions. If you have some ideas please feel free to let me know :D
  5. Small Bug Fix

    Fixed the menu giving an effect one level too high
  6. v2.3

    Simply Adds a little GUI Menu
    Permission - pot.gui
  7. v2.2

    • Allows you to apply any effect to any player, including /milk!
    • /SuperPotion gives all effects
    • Fixed some messages
    • Changed colors
    • Added Slow
    • Added Confusion
    • Added Blindness
  8. Permanent Effects!

    • Added permanent effect system
    • Uses command max levels
    • pot.perm.*potion effect* - Gives player permanent potion effects
    Ex. Player with permissions - pot.haste.4, pot.perm.haste will
    receive permanent haste level 4 but cannot use /haste
    Ex. 2 Player with permissions - pot.haste.4, pot.perm.haste,
    pot.haste will receive permanent haste level 4 and can use /haste
    • Fixed /Potions Reload not appearing on /Plugins Help
  9. v2.0!

    Re-coded a majority of the plugin!
    • Cooldowns
    • /Potions Reload
    • /Potions, /Potions Help & /Potions List
    • Added permission level system
    • Cleaned up resource page!
    If you're updating change your level values in the config to a minimum of 1!
  10. More Potions!

    • Luck
    • Regen
    • Strength
    • /Milk
    • /SuperPotion
    • Glow